Michigan Sports Betting Guide


Someone once said that “the safe way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket.” Well, Michiganders no longer have to do that if they wish to wager on sports. Very soon, Michigan citizens will have the chance to bet on sports. It’s the result of a sweeping change to sports betting following a landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling just two years ago.

When the federal law barring sports gambling was struck down, there were 14 states that self-identified as “likely to legalize sports gambling” within two years. Michigan was one of those states, with state leaders citing licensing and tax revenues as a primary reason. 

The state formally legalized sports gambling in Michigan on December 20, 2019, along with online casinos and online poker. The Michigan Department of Treasury estimates that legal sports betting will generate $19 million in new revenue to the state. 

When Will Sports Betting Launch In Michigan?

Sports betting launched in Michigan on March 11, 2020, with an initial focus on betting in retail casinos. Betting will be monitored and regulated by the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB), a body appointed by the state legislative body.

According to the State of Michigan, the Michigan Gaming Control Board in early 2020 began “the rulemaking process for online sports betting, online casino betting and online fantasy sports.” However, the coronavirus outbreak of 2020 caused a delay in the publication of state guidelines.

If Michigan follows the pattern of other states to legalize sports betting, sportsbooks will be available at casinos across the state, including the 12 Native American tribes operating 23 casinos. Also, eligible licensees will provide online betting and/or mobile betting options. For example, in New Jersey, which began sports betting in 2019, mobile apps have proved to be immensely popular with bettors.  

What Sports Can I Bet On In Michigan?

Once sports betting is available in Michigan, the following sports will be available:

Professional Football

A full slate of games for the National Football League, including the Detroit Lions. Professional football has traditionally been one of the three most popular sports among sports bettors, along with college football and horse racing.

Major League Baseball

Bettors in Michigan will be able to bet on Major League Baseball. This includes the hometown team, the Detroit Tigers.

Professional Hockey

Betting on the NHL (National Hockey League) will be available in casinos. It will also be available through online sportsbooks, and on mobile devices, once the state of Michigan releases their guidelines. The Detroit Red Wings are very popular in the state.

Professional Basketball

Fans will be able to bet on the Detroit Pistons and game action in the National Basketball Association.

College Football

The fall means college football. That means excitement on Saturdays in Michigan, which is home to several of the most popular teams in the sport. Ann Arbor (University of Michigan) and East Lansing (Michigan State University) are host to NCAA Football games with tens of thousands (or more than 100,000 in the case of the Wolverines) in attendance. Once sportsbooks are open again, bettors will be able to wager on any NCAA game.

College Basketball

In recent years the University of Michigan and Michigan State University have experienced tremendous success on the court with their basketball teams. With sports betting legalized in the state, fans will be allowed to bet on the outcomes of those games, as well as any action in the NCAA for men’s and women’s teams. The annual March Madness tournament, which will return in 2021, is sure to be a popular event for sports betting in the state. 

Top Sportsbooks In Michigan 

We do not know for sure yet which sportsbooks will be operating in Michigan, but it’s safe to assume that most of the biggest and most popular operations will be in the state. As of June 2020, both FOX Bet and William Hill have agreements pending to enter the state for online sports betting.

DraftKings Sportsbook

Currently, DraftKings provides their betting services for sports in five states. They should be an active provider in Michigan once sports betting opens up in the state. DraftKings offers sportsbooks via their website or a mobile app, available on both Android devices and iPhones. DraftKings is well-known for its daily fantasy sports offerings. They have been making strong efforts to grow their market share in online and mobile sports betting. DraftKings reportedly applied for a license as a sportsbook in Michigan.

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel has been praised for the ease of its mobile app, which can be downloaded on an iPhone or Android device. FanDuel offers betting in all major sports as well as fantasy sports. Wherever you find DraftKings, you’ll usually find FanDuel competing with them. That’s good for you the consumer, as more sportsbooks means more competitive rates, more betting lines, and more bonuses and payouts. Increased competition in the industry has led to innovations and a better product.

PointsBet Sportsbook

As sports betting spread across the U.S., PointsBet has earned a reputation as the favorite of experienced bettors. Their mobile interface is simple and easy to use. They also offer more prop bets and obscure sports, domestically and even internationally, than other sportsbooks. PointsBet already announced the intention of offering a sportsbook in Michigan and is poised to be ready to hit the ground running once sports are active again.

FOX Bet Sportsbook

Similar to PointsBet, the folks at FOX Bet have already applied for a partnership to offer their sportsbook in Michigan. They offer many of the same sports: college football and basketball, the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, NHL, and even professional soccer and golf. It’s anticipated that bettors will also be able to use their mobile app to bet on NASCAR.

William Hill Sportsbook

These guys have been aggressive in pursuing market share and they have appeared in every state that’s rolled out sports betting in the last 18 months. William Hill offers a sophisticated Android and iPhone app, as well as a very polished desktop app that serves as your own betting console. 

How To Bet On Sports In Michigan

Where Can Sports Fans Bet On Sports In Michigan 

Michigan law allows for sports betting online, at select physical locations such as casinos and institutions with gaming licenses, and in approved mobile applications.

As of June 15, 2020, there are three Detroit locations are set up to offer sports betting:

  • Greektown Casino-Hotel
  • MGM Grand Detroit
  • MotorCity Casino Hotel

These casinos will re-open their sportsbooks once college and professional sports make a return following the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

In addition, the 23 casinos operated by Native American tribes in Michigan will almost certainly provide sports betting once the leagues are back in action in 2020.   

Michigan is also home to more than 300 clubs and organizations with special gambling licenses, such as fraternal organizations like the VFW, Eagles, and Elks. It’s speculated that many of them will also be offering some sort of sports betting, possibly via gaming stations or online sportsbooks. These organizations, though they require membership to join, by law must allow any eligible citizen to be on the premises for legal gambling.  

The convenience of online wagering via smartphones will explode the gambling market in Michigan. Previously, six states have legalized online sports betting, including Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Iowa, Indiana, and West Virginia.

How To Register At Michigan Online Sports Betting Sites 

To register with online sports betting sites, you’ll need valid identification to prove your eligibility. These online sportsbooks also require a funds deposit into your online betting account. While you may be able to bet within minutes of creating your account, your funds may not be verified for 24 to 72 hours. Before you transfer any winnings from your account, the sportsbook will require an ID verification, typically via a scan of your state or federal issued identification card.

More details about creating and managing funds in your online sports betting account will be coming from the state of Michigan in the near future.    

What Bonuses Will Be Available On Michigan Sports Betting Sites 

There are generally three types of bonuses offered via online sportsbooks sites:

  1. First Loss Refunds
    In this bonus, you get back a certain amount of money on your first bet if you lose that bet. For example, if you lose your first bet for $250, you get that $250 refunded to your account, for use in future betting.
  2. Matching Bonus
    In a matching bonus, the sportsbook adds money to your account for every dollar you place in your online sports betting account. For example, if you deposit $500, the sportsbook may offer a matching bonus to place $500 in your account as well. This matching money is usually not available for withdrawal, but only eligible to be used for bets. 
  3. Playthrough Bonus
    In a playthrough bonus, the sportsbook rewards you for being an active bettor. For example, if you deposit $1,000 in your account, the sportsbook may reward you with a percentage bonus once you bet an amount, such as 3x or 10x your initial deposit. Typically, there is an expiration on this bonus, such as 30, 60, or 90 days.

For details on bonuses available for specific sportsbooks, visit the individual sportsbook websites.  

What Are Legal Online Sports Betting Sites

What Is The Difference Between Legal And Illegal Sports Betting Sites 

With the spread of sports betting across America since 2018, many illegal sportsbook websites have emerged. Consumers should be cautious when seeking a sportsbook to bet on sports in Michigan. You should only trust legal betting sites that have applied for and received the sanctioning of the governing body, the Michigan Gaming Control Board.

Illegal sports betting sites are not obligated to secure your money or investigate fraud or disputed bets. Your private information may not be secure on such websites, and you may be in danger of identity theft or scams.

Please be careful when creating an online betting account on a website or through a mobile app. How credible is the website? Do they provide documentation of their legitimacy? Are they well known nationally, and are they operating in other states that have legalized sports betting? Consult consumer advocacy organizations to research any problems before creating an account with a sportsbook.

Or, focus your efforts on legal online sports betting sites that are licensed by the Michigan Gaming Control Board. 

Are Legal Online Sports Books Safe And Fair

The legalization and normalization of sports betting in many states has resulted in a much safer and more regulated playing field (no pun intended). Bettors are wise to stick to the most popular and trusted sportsbooks or bet at licensed casinos.

The most popular online sportsbooks, like DraftKings and FanDuels, are trusted and known entities in the sports betting industry. They have legitimate track records in the marketplace and they provide customer service to their users. Sports betting is a safe, fun activity, and in many ways it’s no less safe than shopping at reputable retailers online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Betting in Michigan 

How old do I have to be to bet on sports in Michigan?

You must be 21 years of age to legally bet on sports in Michigan, either in person or online. Citizens 18 years old can participate in fantasy sports betting. According to state law, you must have reached the age of 21 to create an internet wagering account for use in Michigan.

What kinds of sports bets are legal in Michigan?

As of June 2020, the state of Michigan has not released a list of sports that are allowed under the new laws. However, the state announced that they will not regulate casinos, who can determine which college and professional sports to offer to sports bettors. Casinos in Michigan will continue to be monitored and regulated under federal law in regards to the sports they offer for betting on-site. 

Can I bet on college sports in Michigan?

Yes, you may bet on sports in casinos. In the future, the state of Michigan will be releasing guidelines on college sports betting via mobile apps and online.

Can I bet on e-sports in Michigan?

As of June 2020, Michigan has yet to make a determination on e-sports betting. An announcement will be made by early 2021 on this issue. 

Can I bet on high school sports in Michigan?

No. According to the Michigan Gaming Control Board, betting on high school or youth athletic competitions is prohibited.

What is the tax rate for online sports betting in Michigan?

Revenue from sports betting in Michigan is taxed at 8.4%. In Detroit, commercial casinos will pay an additional 1.25% tax levied by the city.

Is DraftKings offering sports betting in Michigan?

No, as of June 2020, DraftKings is not offering online or mobile sports betting in Michigan. This is due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has prevented the Michigan Gaming Control Board from issuing their guidelines on the matter.

As sports leagues prepare to open in the summer of 2020, news should be forthcoming regarding DraftKings sportsbook in Michigan.

DraftKings is eligible to apply for a license in Michigan, and online sports betting is legal in the state. So far, three sportsbooks: William Hill, FOX Bet, and PointsBet, have officially applied for an agreement to offer their sportsbooks in Michigan. It’s anticipated that other industry leaders will follow suit in 2020 or 2021.

Is FanDuel offering sports betting in Michigan?

Unfortunately, as of June 2020, FanDuel is not offering online or mobile sports betting in Michigan. At this time, online and mobile sports betting is unavailable via FanDuel in Michigan. The coronavirus pandemic has prevented the Michigan Gaming Control Board from issuing guidelines on the matter. Also, college and professional sports have been on hold since early March.

FanDuel is eligible to apply for a license in Michigan, and online sports betting is legal in the state. As stated above, three sportsbooks: William Hill, FOX Bet, and PointsBet, have officially applied for an agreement to offer their sportsbooks in Michigan. Other industry leaders are sure to follow suit in the future. 

When will online sportsbooks launch in Michigan?

According to the Governor’s office, sportsbooks may be available in Michigan within days or weeks of the relaunch of sports leagues following the coronavirus pandemic. Check back here or visit MGCB for updates.