Guide To Michigan Online Casinos


Michigan online casinos are ready to launch and are an attractive way for players to enjoy a casino environment from the comfort of home.

Online casinos are like their brick-and-mortar counterparts, except you can lounge on your couch in your living room and play your favorite games. They typically offer many of the popular games you’ll find in a real casino, and some you won’t. They also usually offer competitive bonuses for signing up, with many chances for you to be a winner.  

With internet gambling legalized in Michigan, online casinos will soon be popping up, but you’ll need to know what is and isn’t allowed in the state of Michigan. 

What Online Casinos Are Expected To Launch

Unlike most other states, Michigan has extended its online gambling offering to tribal casino operators. As a result, Michigan gamblers should get a diverse offering for their online gambling entertainment.

As of 2020, Michigan is home to 26 casinos. This includes the three commercial casinos in Detroit, as well as 23 tribal casinos. These casinos will all be eligible to launch online casinos in Michigan.

Although online gambling in Michigan became legal in December 2019, the official launch of online casinos will be in late November or December 2020 according to Many Michigan retail casinos and tribal casinos already launched sportsbooks in the state, some of which are online already. 

Partnership Announcements

Thus far, as of June 2020, several brick-and-mortar casinos announced partnerships to launch online casinos. 

Kewadin Casino, which is located in Sault Sainte Marie in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula made its official announcement that they are partnering with GAN plc. DraftKings also announced a partnership with Bay Mills Resort & Casino. William Hill announced a partnership with the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians to offer online gambling through two Michigan casinos. The Stars Group also announced a partnership with two Odawa Casino locations. Golden Nugget has partnered with Ojibwa Casino run by the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community. 

Most likely, the participating casinos will offer online gambling via a website as well as a mobile app. In some states, casinos partner with a national gambling brand or provider. We will have to wait to see which Michigan casinos jump into the growing online casino business.

What Kind Of Casino Games Will Be Online

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the launch of online casinos has been delayed in Michigan. As reported in the Detroit News, online gambling in Michigan will likely launch by the end of 2020.

We do not know yet which casino games will be available in Michigan, but based on activity in other states, we can estimate the offerings that will be available.  

Online poker is more challenging to launch than other casino games. Most likely, Michigan will join a multi-state group to offer poker. This will allow poker players in Michigan to play online against players in other states where online poker is legal. This includes New Jersey and Pennsylvania, for example. 

Daily Fantasy Sports are already active in Michigan via DraftKings and FanDuels. And, the Michigan online lottery launched a few years ago. 

What Are The Steps To Register At An Online Casino In Michigan

It’s easy and safe to register at an online casino. Though the State of Michigan and participating casinos will not issue their guidelines until late 2020 for a 2021 launch, we know based on other states generally how registration will proceed.

Participants can use a desktop computer, tablet, laptop, or smartphone to register at online casinos. Some casinos will undoubtedly offer a mobile app. 

A legitimate site will have a secure connection (indicated by the lock and HTTPS in the URL address). 

You’ll need your basic personal information, possibly a copy of an ID card, and a method for loading money to your account. 

You may be asked to provide your social security number when registering or when redeeming winnings. This is not only to prove identification but for tax purposes as well. Legal online casinos are required to comply with certain state and federal tax requirements and part of this may involve reporting winnings to the government. It is safe to provide this information to legal online casinos, but be wary about doing the same if playing on illegal or offshore casino sites.

How Can I Deposit And Cashout From An Online Casino In Michigan 

This can typically be accomplished via bank transfer, credit or debit card, and cryptocurrency. Some casinos have even accepted and issued payments via PayPal. For quickest payout, consult the casino that provides the online gambling website.

Credit cards work well for deposits, but some banks might flag online gambling sites as suspicious card activity. One of the most reliable ways to deposit, though, is by using PayPal.

To receive your winnings quickly, consider using a bank transfer or PayPal.     

Are Online Casino Sites Safe To Use?

Several states have launched online casinos and had success in providing safe and fun gambling. An online gambling site can be just as secure and safe as any retail website.

Please only register and play on official sanctioned gambling sites that have a brick-and-mortar casino in Michigan. By law, in Michigan, only casinos with an existing brick-and-mortar casino can operate an online casino. Consult this web page or the Michigan Gaming Control Board for information.

You are always better off to gamble on legal, regulated gambling sites. Avoid off-shore gambling sites and illegal sites. Your money may not be safe, you may be vulnerable to fraud, and if you have a dispute, the governing state will not be able to assist you through their laws.

If the online casino allows a prepaid debit card, use that to set up your initial account. That way, you can test the online gambling site, play some games, deposit and withdraw money, and see if it’s legitimate and something you are comfortable with.

What Kind Of Bonuses Will Be Available To Michigan Bettors

As of June 2020 details have yet to be released by the State of Michigan. This is due to delays caused by the COVID-19. Based on previous online gambling offerings in other states, we anticipate Michigan gambling will provide these bonus options:

  • Deposit Bonus: The casino matches part or all of your initial deposit. For example, deposit $500 and the online casino adds $500 of their own money to your account.
  • No-Deposit Bonus: open an account with NO MONEY and the online casino tosses a small amount of money into your account to bet for free.
  • Cash Back Bonus: some casinos may refund some of your losses back, such as 5% of your losses returned to your account.
  • Free Spin Bonus: after you join an online casino they may offer you X number of “spins” in an online roulette game or other game for a chance to win real money.
  • Free Bet Bonus: some online casinos will offer one free bet after you create your account and deposit money.

Consult the online casino bonus offerings before creating your account and depositing money. Bonuses and special offers are competitive, seeing as how casinos are anxious to earn your loyalty in their online casino. 

Online Casinos In Michigan FAQ

How old do I need to be to bet at an online casino in Michigan?

You must be 21 years of age to legally gamble on an online casino in Michigan.

Who operates online casinos in Michigan?

Only existing casinos can offer internet gambling in Michigan. That means that only the 26 legal casinos may apply to offer online gambling. The casinos include 23 tribal Indian casinos and the three commercial casinos located in Detroit.

Do not register or gamble on an online casino that is not operated by one of the existing legal casinos in Michigan. 

Is my money safe at an online casino?

Yes, as long as you only register and gamble at official online casinos. As always, be cautious and use common sense when registering and sharing personal information online. Consult the Michigan Gaming Control Board or bookmark this page for a list of official online casinos.

Is my personal information safe when gambling online in Michigan?

Yes, on regulated and approved gambling sites. Only existing casinos will be able to launch online gambling in Michigan. If you are unsure if the website you are on is secure, contact the casino offering the service.

If you are a frequent gambler at a brick-and-mortar casino, contact them to find out the registration process and the security in place in their future online casinos.   

Who regulates online casinos in Michigan?

The Michigan Gaming Control Board regulates online casinos in the state. The MGCB oversees all gambling regulation and guidance in the state of Michigan.

Will there be live dealer games online in Michigan?

A determination has not been made yet. The Michigan Gaming Control Board has promised to release details later in 2020 for an expected launch of online casinos in Michigan in 2021. This includes the decision on whether live-dealer games will be offered.

Previously, other states that have legalized online gambling have offered live dealer games online.