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Season suspended


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8 minutes ago, Deleterious said:

Always seems odd to me that wealthy people can't donate money without a press release.  

I used to always feel this way...

2 minutes ago, 313DetroitCity said:

On the plus side, it encourages others to do the same.

... and then I heard this.

I don't know, I can see both sides of it, I guess.  And, ultimately, a donation was made, so there's that.

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7 hours ago, Buddha said:

they'll play the end of the season.  take at least a month off and come back.  finish in august.  move the draft back to september or october.

I don't know.  The Summer Olympics throws a bit of a wrench into things, if it is still played, of course.

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Given a choice between playing a full season or the Olympics.  Owners will take the full season 100 times out of 100.

The Olympics is a long term play at building the NBA brand.  Down the road that might mean more money overall, but owners tend to be short sighted and will grab the cash now.  And that means playing the regular season.  There are also other things to consider like sponsorship's, tv/radio deals, etc.

If they play a full season then the offseason will likely be shortened up a bit.  That probably means no summer league.  If next season doesn't start until December or January, that means kids drafted now will not have played a competitive game since the first weeks of March.  Send them to the Olympics to start building their brand.  Maybe jump start the Emoni Bates hype train and invite him to tryout.

Hollinger wrote a bit about the issues trying to play a full season.  Contracts expire June 30th.  He said it isn't a huge deal with players since they have a union, so the league has a single entity to negotiate with and they could extend that deadline rather easy.  But coaches don't have a union.  You would have to negotiate with each individual coach, which could be over 300 people when all assistants and training staff are included.  

He said arena availability might be an even bigger issue.  Teams are required to hold onto a certain amount of free dates through the first week in June.  After that their arena can schedule anything they want.   It might be tough trying to schedule games for all 30 teams.

He brought up other smaller issues.  Guys are owed lump sum payments July 1st.  Some contract guarantees would kick in before the end of the season, etc.  Small things that could be negotiated.  But each small thing you have to fix makes the overall process more difficult.

Obviously the biggest issue is how long this pandemic lasts.  If they are out 10 weeks like the Chinese basketball league, I don't see how a regular season is completed.  You need a week or two of practices to get guys back in shape.  You're now talking the middle of June before games start again.  There is a month of the season left, so the playoffs are going to start at the end of July?  I don't see it.

If they are out a month, you might see some regular season games played.  2 months?  Forget it.  Playoffs only at that point, and probably an abbreviated form of playoffs.  Something like best of 3 series first two rounds, best of 5 for the last two.  Maybe do 7 for the finals.  

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Just roll in the other 2 teams, maybe give byes to some of the 5-10 seeds and make the lower seeds play more games/rounds (something like the Big Ten), but yeah, I think he's on to something here.

The NFL expanded its playoffs in 1981 (or 1982?) to a bracket like this.  It was a strike shortened season, teams only played 9 games, and the playoffs were the top 8 teams in each conference, no byes, 1v8, 2v7, and on down the line.

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Assuming they start back up in mid to late April and play out the regular season, If they cut down the playoffs to best of 3 1st round and best of 5 the remaining rounds while limiting the amount of days off in between I think they could wrap everything up by July.   Or perhaps they could even get rid of the 1st round and just take the top 4 teams from each conference.  Looking at the standings that could make for an interesting finish to the regular season in both conferences cause things are pretty bunched up around the 4th spot.   

Of course the owners wouldn't really like either scenario cause it would cut down on playoff revenue but if they choose to be **** bent on getting the season played as quickly and safely as possible it could be a viable solution. 

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16 minutes ago, Deleterious said:

Saw an estimate for what it costs to pay staff for one home game in Chicago.  They said about $230K per game to pay all hourly staff members.  

Chicago has 7 home games left so about 1.5 million dollars would cover them all if they were to cancel the regular season.  That's a drop in the bucket for the owners so they should definitely just pay each of their respective staffs off for the positive PR if nothing else. 

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