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2020 NBA Draft


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On 3/15/2020 at 10:02 AM, Deleterious said:

Here is my problem with Hayes.  He plays in two different leagues and both are garbage.

Bundesliga is the top German league, but overall it is pretty bad and he plays on one of the worst teams.  The second league he plays in is Eurocup, which is better but still not great.  Eurocup might rank ahead of the NCAA but still behind the G-League.  And I'm not sure the G-League is even considered a top 5 league in the world.

Everyone is going to be hunting for European stars because of Luka Doncic, and I get that.  But people need to understand where Luka played before the NBA.  His club team was Real Madrid and they play in the Liga ACB which is Spains top league.  It is the best domestic league in Europe and probably the second best domestic league in the world after the NBA.  

The second league Luka played in was Euroleague.  It is considered the second best league in the world behind the NBA.  It is made up of club teams from all of Europe and you have to qualify to make and stay in the league.  

Here is the other thing about Luka.  He dominated both leagues.  Rising star awards, Best Young Player awards, regular season MVP awards, finals MVP awards, all league first team awards.   He dominated the best of the best in Europe.

Being on a bad team in two bad leagues doesn't disqualify Hayes from being good.  It just makes it a lot harder to evaluate him.

Well stated

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On 3/17/2020 at 3:44 PM, Betrayer said:

What a mess.

The last few months before the draft usually results in a ton of movement in the rankings.  A lot of kids who could have moved up aren't going to get that chance and NBA teams are going to be gambling more in this draft due to their being less information and no tournament.

Pistons finally get on the right track to reboot the franchise and this is the worst possible year I can ever recall for it to happen.  Not only will they not the get the high pick they should have due to an incomplete season, the draft is going to require an even better crystal ball than usual.

It might even force them to do something they otherwise wouldn't - mistakenly pick a star.

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BTW.  Chad ******* Ford is back doing his thing for some network I never heard of.

You might remember Ford being the NBA draft guru at ESPN for years.  Before he got busted going back after drafts and editing his articles to change his picks to more closely resemble the actual outcome of the draft.

ESPN's Chad Ford Has Been Retroactively Editing Draft Boards For Years

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We have to judge him on such a small sample size.  Teams will be giving him a contract that is basically based on the final 15 games of the season.  Most guys in the league can point to a 10-15 game stretch where they look much better than they really are.  I always bring up Bynum and Stuckey for this argument.  

It was an impressive 15 games though.  22 points per game.  9.5 rebounds per game.  Shot 56% from the field and 41% from behind the line on 4 attempts per game.

The Pistons best strategy might be to grossly overpay him but only offer a 2 year deal.  Offer 2/$30M and see if he bites.  Even if he flames out that cap space wont be a huge loss the next 2 years.  Then you get 2 years to evaluate him, plus they get his full Bird rights after that deal expires.  Hopefully a draft pick or two is showing promise then and you can offer Wood a longer term deal then.

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in an nba that relies so heavily on ball handlers who can shoot from anywhere on the floor, why are people focusing on big men who rebound?

i mean, the game has obviously changed.  would you rather have deandre ayton or luka doncic?  andre drummond or damian lillard?  ayton and drummond arent bad players, but they dont help you win in todays nba more than skilled players who can handle the ball and shoot threes.

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