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I've noticed recently that some of the long time users of this board are taking some flack from a few semi-long time users. It appears

there are a few of you out there that think your opinions are gospel. I would recommend those of you that feel that way, contact Mr. Mike Illitch, or Mr. Dave Dombrowski. I'm sure they would enjoy having your incredible expertise on board with the Tigers!

If you think that you have been here a long long time -- i suggest you go back to the orginal Tigers Board and check out the names of those you may criticize - Seems that a lot of them have here much longer than you and deserve some kind of respect.

I'm really just ask that you lighten up and accept the opinons of others as just that -- opinions -- JUST LIKE YOURS. A lot of this childish stuff is the reason why a few of my own friends rarely respond here any longer. They don't wish to be compared or judged or to be part of this childish game.

I refuse to get into a childish battle when anyone who decides to play that game. This has always been THE BEST message board of the Tigers, and I'd like to see it get back to that.

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Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

I don't see any punchline, but this has to be a joke.

All Hail King Billee!! For so it must be, for so it is written.

I miss the old guys too, but life happens and life goes on. I hope they are all happy and successful, and I hope to hear from them sometime during the season. I look forward to the "Site History" that looks like its in the works judging by the dead link on the main page. I had fun with the "old guard" but I'm not going to say they were any better or worse than the "new breed" either. We are all individuals from allparts of the wolrd and from all stations of life - but we are all Tiger fans.

MWG keeps me pretty upto date through email whenever there is a change of address - and I assume he does the same for the AWOL members of yesteryear as well. Its their choice not to be part of our community anymore and I don't fault them for their decisions, as they are doing what is right for them.

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Billee, you have maybe 2-3 months on me in terms of longevity - not like that matters.

Your "holier than thou" tone is insulting and your grumpy old man mentality is not endearing.

The fact alone that one posts at a message board doesn't mean that they automatically deserve anything more than common courtesy and decency. And your belief that you are somehow entitled to everybodies respect because you've been in this online community for a longer period is absurd.

I believe in my opinions, but I don't hold them up as gospel. The point of an online community is to bring people together in a common discussion. If all members were always in agreement this place would be dead on arrival. It has been said that "Opinions are like assholes - everybody has one" and if you can look past the general crassness of the statement it is a valid point.

Motown Tigers.com: Respect your elders

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I have not been here very long and I think my opinion correct almost 100% of the time. Thats just the way it is. It has nothing to do with how long someone has posted. You must be confident in your own opinion, however, you also must respect others opinions because theirs counts equally. Sometimes the elder posters think they mean more, but I am only 21 years old so its not like I had a choice. I plan on remaining here as long as I can and one day be one of the veterans. I avoid being drawn into personal battles and eventhough once in a while I may get mad or say something that is takin the wrong way, I realize what this board is all about. We have one common interest and that is that we are all loyal Tiger fans(I hope) who want to see them win.

Go tigers!

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The true vets have some time on me but I think I probably qualify as one of the vets that was talked about.

Actually, I think the MB is going great here. Less attacks than I can ever remember and the only thing that isn't going our way is the team itself. If the Tigers could win 10 in a row, this place would be jamming!

I don't think the vets deserve any more respect than anyone here. In fact, I love the new blood. I don't post as much as I used to about the Tigers (mainly because my opinions haven't changed in two years and it's hard to post the same stuff all the time) but I enjoy reading the posts now more than ever.

The opinions expressed earlier in this folder hardly represent the opinions of me and I hope many other vets!

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I have been around a while and I would have to say that it is pretty much the same as when I first registered. You have stat freaks who won't accept someones opinion without solid research to back it up. Diehard fans who can't stand to read anything negative about their favorite team or player. Some posters seem to just add a little comic relief.

I guess my point is that it takes all kinds to create the type of online community that we have and I wouldn't change a thing.

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I am definitely a veteran (I remember talking about the "new" stadium before the first game there!). I love coming to this board. I can't tell you how much I have learned about baseball by making (myself and others) idiotic statements and being corrected!!

This board is about the only thing that keeps me interested in the Tigers at this point...so I'm very appreciative of it!

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I think you hit the nail on the head Biff when you said

"human decency" - that's the point I was trying to make.

I am very sorry for making you think that I was saying that

long timers deserve more respect than short timers. That just isn't so. I was merely indicating that long timers have left this board simply because of LACK OF HUMAN DECENCY. I agree totally that everyone has an opinion. I love the fact that qslr backs his up with stats. He TEACHES ME STUFF. Some of my own opinions are formed by some of the things message boarders say. But there is just no call for lack of human decency. This message board is a great community! I'm just sorry to see some of the older boarders leave and for the reasons they have left, or stopped posting as much. AND -- also, I wasn't even referring to MYSELF!!!

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Am I the only one who realizes that this thread would fit better in the Bar & Grill? It has nothing to with the Detroit Tigers, after all.

An experienced old timer with proper respect for the board and its users would never start a thread in an inappropriate forum. Not that it bothers me or anything, but just as an observation.


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I didn't mean anything negative by by using the term "stats freak". You and the rest of them keep us honest By not allowing personal feelings about certain players become fact with out some statistical proof to back it up. I do appreciate that but it doesn't mean I can't just go with my gut feeling on a player and say something like; Cedeno was a bad right fielder for the Tigers.

I have never posted a whole lot. Most of the time I just read and nod along in agreement and it doesn't make any sense to me to post that I agree or repeat something that is already there.

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Am I the only one who gets what Billie is saying? I don't think he is saying at all that people here who have been here longer deserve more respect or whatnot. I think he was talking about newcomers that come in here and try to tell us how to run our message board. Like the guy (name escapes me) who got into with Cobweb last week, telling us that this board has "potential" I almost gagged when I read that. Or the people who come in and on their first post declare what a big Tiger fan they are (I've been a Tiger Fan since....), and what idiots we are for not thinking everything is hunky-dorey with the organization. I think all Billie is saying is, if you're new, try to break in and feel the place around a bit before you start making rash judgements about the message boarders and the message board itself. I registered on the official website in December of 1999, and most of the people who were there aren't here anymore. But you're going to have that with any message board.

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Halla- Freakin - Luhya -- (said with your best Jack Nicholson accent)

Occasionally I tune in to the Detroit Tigers website, and the Cleveland Indians Website and the White sox website -- what a

pile of garbage those have turned into. It's childish, inane, and

just not worthy of any kind of input.

Thank you Ernie, you nailed it bigtime.

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