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October Regular Season Thread


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2 hours ago, Buddha said:

i havent been to little ceasars arena yet, how is it?

I like the place. Lots of open concourse space, easy to get around. At one game we sat at the very top of the arena. At the very top row you get a barstool behind a narrow table and you get an almost personal concession cart right behind you in the aisle. Fun way to watch the game.

they apparently will never build another arena with an upper deck cantilevered almost all the way to the ice surface like Olympia was so there will probably never be seats in any arena comparable to those, but for you basic big single bowl arena LCA seems to be well executed.

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55 minutes ago, Gehringer_2 said:

And not a even a single breakaway rush by AA yet.

Teams are going to be forced to scheme more against the Larkin/Mantha/Bertuzzi line. Are they good enough yet to overcome even that or will Blashell eventually be forced to try spreading out his firepower a little? Going to get more challenging for players and coaching.

I would prefer that Blashill leaves the MLB line alone, and mixes and matches the lower lines as needed to try to find the right formula.

I like the AA-Hirose matchup... who is the right center for them? Is it Rasmussen? So... later in the season... match 'em up.

I like Veleno and Zadina matched up... but they seem like they have some growing pains to go through at GR... who's their other winger? Erne? Svechnikov? That matchup seems like it could turn into something... eventually. Svech-Veleno-Zadina...

It'll be fun to watch this team grow into contention, and how the team ends up getting put together.

But leave MLB alone.

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35 minutes ago, drownwithyou said:

It is pretty wild how top heavy this team is, but that was a fun couple of games.

With a younger, faster defensive core, some of the lesser offensive players will be able to do more this season than they may have been able to last season. The one thing I generally fault team analysts  about is that they tend to ignore that all older players are generally getting worse each year while younger players are generally getting better. The odds are that every young player on this team will probably play a little better this year than last, and since they now have a lot more young players than old players, the natural bias of time is toward team improvement. 

I seem to be more optimistic about this team than most analysts. After the injury riddled 1/7/2 start they went 31/33/8 and I think the team on the ice now is better than the team that played 31/33/8. Of course injuries could do them in again, and I think the goaltending is still a question mark...

But either way they were pretty entertaining by the end of last season and seem to have picked up right where they left off in that regard.

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2 hours ago, Mr. Bigglesworth said:

The D is a bigger question mark than the goaltending.

I agree in the sense that we don't know yet what we have in Bowey,  Cholowski,  and Hronek et al  - but not so much  that they will not at least be better  than than old creaking crew they are displacing....?

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1 hour ago, thefunk said:

Some of you are such cranky sods. This isn’t baseball. Half the damn teams make the playoffs in hockey, there is no reason to predict right now that the Wings have no shot.

Wings make the playoffs this year. Book it.

i think you said the Tigers would be above .500 too because we were too negative.

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6 hours ago, lordstanley said:

Wings pick up Canucks fan favourite Alex Biega in exchange for David Pope. Biega is a 31 yr old 6/7 dman who makes close to the league minimum and who had cleared waivers last week. Pope is a 25 year old career minor leaguer.

Experience we need on the blue line for a playoff push. Just stay in the hunt until Thanksgiving and we'll be OK. ?

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53 minutes ago, lordstanley said:

Wings call up Svech, Kaski, Kuffner and newly acquired (from Van for David Pope) Alex Biega. Put on injured reserve: AA (!), Nielsen, Daley and Ericsson. The latter 3 can stay out for a month or two for all I care.

yeah - too bad about AA. Even after just two games it doesn't seem likely Ericcson is going to break into the D rotation. Haven't seem much of Svechnikov. The only game I saw part of that he played in I thought he was mostly missing plays but the press account said he had played great so I'm looking forward to seeing what I missed.

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In terms of the CBA rules that govern what happens here, the four players who were put on injured reserve have to stay there at least seven days. While they’re on regular IR, their cap hits will continue to count, but they can be replaced on the 23-man roster.

Technically, putting Athanasiou on IR retroactively has very little meaning just yet, but it starts the clock in case the team needs to move him to LTIR, which allows the team to use the LTIR exemption for cap purposes, but requires that the player miss at least 10 NHL games AND be on the IR for at least 24 days. AA being on regular IR means he can come back any time (as long as the team makes roster space for him). If he does have to be moved to LTIR, the earliest he could return would be October 25th against Buffalo.

It’s interesting and unfortunate to see Nielsen back on IR so soon. As I shared on the latest episode of WIIM Radio, I have very serious concerns about Nielsen’s future and the possibility of ongoing concussion issues.

In the meantime, it very much seems that Svechnikov will start working into the lineup immediately, given that the team has to have early concerns about the Bertuzzi-Larkin-Mantha line’s ability to continue to put up four goals every game.

On defense, I would guess that Madison Bowey would be the choice to replace Trevor Daley, but I’m not certain that the team called up both Biega and Kaski to sit. The recently-acquired Biega would seem a natural fit for the healthy scratch, but part of me thinks we’ll see Detroit go to the 11/7 split among forwards and defensemen in the near future, with either Christoffer Ehn or Jacob de la Rose joining Ryan Kuffner in the Leino Lounge.

All early speculation of course, but we’ll keep you updated as the team prepares to play Anaheim on Tuesday.


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