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Joe Murphy


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We'd been talking about this for a few months since that CBC story came out. 

Head injuries are horrible.   Johan Franzen is lucky he has his family to help him through it.   And credit the Red Wings organization and family because they won't let him fall through any cracks.  

But if Joe doesn't want help, there's nothing anyone can really do.  He has to want it.   I am sure he'll seek it when the weather starts turning, and I am sure some former NHL players will try to help him, like Tevor Kidd (who didn't even know him until this). 

  I actually worked part time for the New Mexico Scorpions minor league team when I was in radio down there.   Joe Murphy was a co-owner of the team.  He came to town a couple of times when he was dealing with some kind of intestinal infection that almost killed him.  He'd lost a lot of weight and he was kind of weak when that happened, kind of frail, but he's unrecognizable now,  physically and behaviorally,  it's sad and scary.   

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