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Spartan Football 2019/2020


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4th in the East?   Perhaps.....it's nearly as likely that they'll finish anywhere from 1st to 4th.....it all depends on the offense.

Big Ten East preview: Could this be the year for Harbaugh and Michigan?



I love a good thought experiment.

There is a typical rhythm to college football and most sports. A struggling head coach or coordinator gets fired. An up-and-coming program loses its head coach to a bigger school, or loses its breakthrough star quarterback and regresses back to the mean. Aside from a glorious blip every now and then, the ruling class rules.

I get excited any time that general rhythm is disrupted. As he is against Big Ten offenses, Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio is pretty good at disrupting any rhythm.

First of all, he's still at Michigan State. He didn't jump to a bigger school after going 22-5 in 2010-11 or 36-5 from 2013 to 2015. He didn't get fired after going 3-9 in 2016, either. He will enter his 13th season in East Lansing this fall.

He has gone against rhythm when it has come to attempting to fix his offense, too.

The Spartans' offense has grown more and more hopeless for a while. After leaping to 12th in Off. S&P+ in 2014, it fell to 30th in 2015, 55th in 2016, 72nd in 2017 and 112th last fall. After a brief slip, the MSU defense, Dantonio's calling card, was as good as ever in 2018. But the offense was an outright detriment. MSU scored 13 or fewer points in five of six losses and exactly six in each of the last three.

There's a difference between having a plodding, physical and not-that-creative offense and having one that can't actually pull off being plodding and physical. Michigan State has, for a while now, been a team that wants to run the ball but can't, and things hit a potential low point last season. The Spartans ranked a ghastly 122nd in marginal efficiency. Their running backs averaged just 3.8 yards per carry.

So you fire your offensive coordinator and bring in a bright, young, energetic new guy, right? That's what's supposed to happen?

Nah, Dantonio just gave everybody a different job.

Quarterbacks coach Brad Salem is now running backs coach and took over as offensive coordinator. Co-coordinator and RBs coach Dave Warner is now quarterbacks coach. Co-coordinator and tight ends coach Jim Bollman is now offensive line coach. Offensive line coach Mark Staten is now tight ends coach. Assistant DBs coach Don Treadwell is now receivers coach, and receivers coach Terrence Samuel is now assistant DBs coach.

Dantonio literally just gave everybody a different name plate! That's amazing! And it was the most Dantonio move possible.


............more at the link.

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9 minutes ago, LooseGoose said:

1. How many yards are needed to gain a new set of downs?

2. How many downs do you have to gain those yards?

3. How many times per play can you use a forward pass?

4. How many points to you get for a touchdown?

5. How many points do you get for a successful 2-point conversion?

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