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All-Star break discussion


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NBA.com has released some new box score stats, and they are absolutely amazing.  My favorite so far are the defensive and matchup stats.

First, you can look at how a player did on defense overall. It shows you each player, how many possessions they played on defense, and how many points they allowed their defensive matchup to score.  You can also break it down by 3PT shots made, assists, TO's, etc.

Here is the info for the last game Detroit played.


Then there is the matchup section that lets you drill down deeper on defensive assignments.  You can pick a defensive player and it will list each player he defended, how many possessions he defended that player, and how that player did while he was defending him.  Pretty amazing stuff.

Now there is a lot going on here because it lists every defensive possession of the game.  So it has 3 pages of results.  But you can use the filters to see the info you want more clearly.  If you want to see how Stanley did on defense, just select him as the defensive player.  If you want to see how Atlanta did guarding Blake, just pick Griffin as the offensive player and it will show you his offensive possessions.  

Here is that info.


Another cool thing they added to the hustle stats, box outs.  Just like it sounds, it shows you how often a player boxes out.

First one is league leaders.  Second one is just for the box score against Atlanta.




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15 hours ago, Deleterious said:

Figured we might need a thread so we don't keep posting in the Atlanta game thread.

Donovan Mitchell Won the dunk contest.

Booker won the 3pt contest.

Dinwiddie won the skills challenge.  

two guys we passed on and one we let go.  lol.

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59 minutes ago, Mr. Bigglesworth said:

Memo played in the Finals.

yes - you are right. He pretty much disappeared starting in the Indy series but not completely. I guess it was cap issues but I always believed they would have won a lot more by keeping Memo than they did for having Rasheed.

But Kobe is too hard on himself over it though. Brown knew the Lakers were old / slow with Payton - Malone - Grant and a fat Shaq.  It was a good matchup for the Pistons. They had too much speed and reach advantage on D for that Laker team no matter what Kobe had tried to do about the pressure - he couldn't pass it to himself.

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They are going to need to win enough without him to make the playoffs. At this point the hope is that when he does return he can get back up to speed enough to help the team make some noise in the first round. 

And if they don’t make it, it isn’t the end of the world. The trade for Blake wasn’t only about this year. 

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16 hours ago, Deleterious said:

Not great news. Even if you think he's back in 3 weeks, that only leaves about 12 games left in the season. And he's going to need a handful of games to work back into things.


hard to see Reggie being a factor at least before the season ends. His lateral movement will be poor and his shot will be short.

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18 hours ago, Shelton said:

... And if they don’t make it, it isn’t the end of the world. The trade for Blake wasn’t only about this year. 

Agreed. Key point for me. 

Would love to see them go on a run and make it to the playoffs this year... but if not, looking for major growth next year. (Not by Blake, he's already a finished product. Rather, all of the other younger players he's surrounded by on the Pistons...).

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3 hours ago, Sydney_Fife said:

Any thoughts on the Kawhi Leonard situation? Leonard can opt out AFTER next season. 

Do the Spurs put him on the block this summer??

I'd say LeBron, Durant, Westbrook, Davis, and Leonard are the top 5 players in this league. 

I would trade every player on the team for Kawhi. 

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It's really frustrating how almost every trash team at least has a young point guard they're developing and the Pistons have Jameer Nelson and Langston Galloway as the emergency buttons for someone getting hurt

Trey Burke 29 points for the Knicks tonight, he's back baby

Seriously though, why don't the Pistons have a guy like that at least. I guess that's Buycks, yet Stan gives up on him instantly. Maybe I'm coming around to the problem being SVG as usual.

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9 hours ago, Buddha said:

philly beat the bulls tonight and are now 4 games up on the pistons in the loss column.  

the pistons are closer to charlotte than philly.  i still think the only team they have a chance to catch is miami.

I am calling the Indiana nosedive in March. Their schedule gets really brutal real quick after a few cake games in February.

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