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Your six statues of Ford Field?


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So Comerica Park has six statues of players honoring their greats.  What if Ford Field put up six statues of their own, who would they be?

The three obvious (at least to me) are:

Dutch Clark, Bobby Layne, and Barry Sanders.

Do you agree?

What about the other three? Possible candidates:

  • CJ
  • Jason Hanson
  • Charlie Sanders
  • Lem Barry
  • Dick Lane
  • Joe Schmidt
  • Doak Walker

Any others that should be listed as candidates?  And who are your six?


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Wayne Fontes should be on there. The Big Buck is the winningest coach in Lions history. Rasputin was also the only coach to lead these team to a playoff win in the Super Bowl era, also an NFC Championship game. When all you have to reward is mediocrity, you might as well give an award to the most mediocre.

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19 minutes ago, nd1377 said:

Let's say you could only pick QBs for the statues, what 6 would you have? Layne, Stafford, Mitchell, etc?

Well Clark has to be there, no question... I mean he was considered the best QBs of his era.  Granted, QB was played much differently back then, but he was still a QB.  Charter member of the Pro-HOF, helped establish the Lions in Detroit, won their first every championship.  Easy.

After that... yeah... um... 

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Oh man... I forgot about the Rudi Johnson luggage thing... that's a classic and should never be forgotten.  Well deserving of a statue.

I think Roy Williams gets a bit of a bad rap here.  While he was never the superstar player that CJ was, he still was an very good receiver for a number of years.  I know his "1st down" signal iratated some people (especially when he's made it when the team was down big), but honestly it's no worse in my eyes than all the other celebrations that players do when they do a routine play.

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12 hours ago, juiceman said:

Tatum Bell with Rudi Johnson's luggage

Roy Williams with the 1st down sign

Marty Mornhinweg taking the wind

Ndamukong Suh stomping

Dan Orlovsky with his foot stepping out of the back of the endzone

Joe Cullen sitting in his car at the drive thru window

I love it. What about Jon Kitna taking his helmet off and walking off the field after he threw an interception and his teammates were chasing down the Green Bay player that intercepted the ball. 

Kitna walks off field



.....After Green Bay went ahead for the final time, Kitna threw three interceptions in 3 minutes and two of the picks were returned for scores.

Kitna took off his helmet and walked to the sideline while his teammates were trying to stop the third interception from being returned for a touchdown.....



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Forgot about the Kitna thing.  I would also add:

Rod Marinelli with a sharp pick & shovel

Jim Schwartz throwing the challenge flag on a scoring play

-or- a combination Jim Schwartz and Jim Harbaugh statue

Jim Caldwell with interchangeable faces, so you can change it based on his mood or reaction to something (all the faces would be the same, though)


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