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Roger DeWitt (HueyTaxi)


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While I've become internet friends with many on here through fantasy sports and facebook, only one had ever contacted me through MTS. His kind personal words and his posts will be something to remember for a lifetime. Sad days for us all...


I have 3 friends in my list...Roger was one of them. Nice man. Really bummed out to hear about this. 2nd time in my life I became friends with someone online and they had passed away.

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Wow, I haven't been on here much in the past year but I did hear about how sick he was this past summer. I'm very sad to hear of has passing. Roger had the quality of being able to agree to disagree and still be friends-I'm finding more and more how rare that is. As a typical neurotic, fast-paced Bostonian I'm probably as close to his opposite as can be, and yet I know he would have welcomed me warmly had I had the honor to meet him in person.

RIP, my friend. You fly for a higher cause now.

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We have been sitting in the same row with Roger and Robie for a few years..we always got a good laugh over beer and those sneak pics he would take..I have never met anyone else who did so much for a baseball team then Roger and Robie..I was so happy that he made it out to the last home game of the Flying Tigers this year. It really is a sad day as he touched so many around the world. Prost Roger and hopefully he can get some pics of Cobb!

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Once Roger found out that my wife was my AAT's 2nd cousin, he made it a point to take a ton of pictures for us. I then informed my AATs mom and dad about it and Roger met them down in Lakeland and also shared a ton of his outstanding pics.

When people mention his pictures, they were more than that to many of us. Not only were they professional quality, but he used terrific equipment and he was more than happy to take pictures of any pic a fan would ask for. He got one for me of Leyland's son and Kaline's grandson sitting on the bench together. That is my "Tiger Royalty" picture, a very cherished one.

We missed meeting up with him during our 1 trip to Lakeland. We saw him and TeamMom in their seats and were going to talk to them later but they were quickly gone. Turns out they knew an usher who found some good shaded seats for them. I was somewhat bummed but even more so now.

R.I.P. Roger. When they start the MTS hall of fame. I'm sure you will be a first year inductee...

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It was a touching service. I would estimate over one hundred people attended. Robie and family are displaying remarkable strength and dignity. A slide show was presented, pretty much covering Roger's entire life. As a vet, I was moved by one of him sitting on his helmet in a rice paddy. As a Tiger fan and friend, there were a lot of baseball related and lighthearted shots also. (Hat included). Members of his family spoke, sang, and prayed. The Tigers were generous with their caring, facilities, and refreshments. All in all, I would say our friend was given a proper send-off. RIP.

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I am sadden to hear of Huey's/Roger's passing. The politics forum will be less lively and less wise with his passing. RIP.

Is there a donation we can make in his honor/for the family to the American Cancer Society or something of the sort?

That would be cool. What about a plaque at the Joker?

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I was fortunate enough to meet Roger and his wonderful wife Robie several years back when I went to Spring Training. I just waned to post a nice little villanelle that he sent me shortly thereafter of which I was honored to receive. I have numerous private messages from him that always touched me to my soul. He was a strong, tough, smart, witty, and wise gentle man who will be truly missed by everybody who knew him. God Bless Roger. RIP to one of the great ones !!!

Nigh on 6 years now I have known him and never heard him play.

For our lives entwined in print and reality never came to stay.

So when the man in black stepped casually onto the concrete plain

I watched as he approached, like he knew us, I troubled to explain.

Extending a hand in friendship the simple words “I’m Billee”

Continued my ponder until he added “Eastside Billee”.

Years condensed to moments as we clambered for our words

And tried to say so much in such fleeting moments as we moved on towards

Our seats for the game and wondered if we would talk again.

By phone we chatted and planned to dine together and when

We did it was amazing, like lifelong friends of old, sharing philosophies and strife.

Politics and wanderlust from our youth; the guidance from our life.

We stayed far too long and I wish it had been days more

For we had so much to say and so little time to explore

What we had done and where would we be If we only had the freedom

To always find our friends when we really wish to see them.

And suddenly the Moon and Planets overwhelmed the clouded sky and we tarried

outside; afraid to say goodbye. But no, we will see each other on Monday.

At another game, the last for the four of us this season.

And we will part closer friends for all the right reasons.

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I thought about this too. Is that possible?

I figure something could be done eventually. There are bricks at the front gate that are dedicated to different people (in fact, I think Roger and Robie might have had one made for Brian). The main issue right now is that the Flying Tigers will be spending next season at Henly Field while the Joker gets a major facelift.

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Wow...I haven't logged on for a bit! This saddens me greatly, and I'm thinking of Robie and Roger's family and friends.

Roger was one of the first people to reach out to me when I started posting here. Being at such an impressionable young age, I am thankful to have had someone like him to make a tremendous impact on me. I always wanted to meet him. Damn. I don't even have the words.

Godspeed, friend.

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