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2015 Adopt A Tiger Draft



The fun starts at 8:00 PM (EST) on Saturday night (1/10) - this should last 2 to 3 weeks total.

New or forgetful adopters - the fine print shall reside in Post #5 of this thread, go read it. :-)

Here is our pick order and the list of suggested "adoptees":

Green = May select at any time Red = now on the clock


1 estrepe1 - Derek Hill, CF

2 Potthole - Miggy

3 DaYooperASBD T - Dean Green, DH / 1B

4 tigerbomb13 - Victor Martinez, DH / 1B / C

5 sagnam - David Price, SP

6 hueytaxi - Kyle Ryan, SP

7 plantcitytigersfan - Grayson Greiner, C

8 Corky - Ian Kinsler, 2B

9 drownwithyou - Yoennis Cespedes, LF

10 vannzee - Shane Greene, SP

11 PuNk42AE - Nick Castellanos, 3B

12 BarbaroGarbeys2ndcuz - Anibal Sanchez, SP

13 djhutch - Steven Moya, OF

14 clark1mt - Joseph Nathan, RF

15 Al de Blanc - Justin Verlander, SP

16 Kamakzie (trade) - Jose Iglesias, SS

17 Randy Marsh - J.D. Martinez, OF

18 thecatmac - Alex Avila, C

19 Walt - Joakim Soria, RP

20 iholly - tyler Collins, OF

21 eastside billee - tom Gorzellany, RP

22 Zach attack - Anthony Gose, OF

23 cruzer1 - Julio Martinez, OF

24 JackPine - Kyle Lobstein, SP

25 California Dreaming - Bruce Rondon, RP

26 Gehringer_2 - Javier Betancourt, INF

27 keepleyland2 - James McCann, C

28 Charles Liston - Manuel Joseph, INF

29 Capital tigers - can select at any time

30 Los Gatos - Hernan Perez, INF

31 mike0618 - Austin Schotts, OF

32 bugmanson - Rajai Davis, OF

33 tramlou - Kevin Ziomek, P

34 Sports_Freak - Brennan Smith, P

35 Cantig - Wynton Bernard, OF

36 bsc3165 - Buck Farmer, SP

37 bosman - may pick @ his leisure

38 mickeyb105 - Al Albuerquerque, RP

39 vegas tiger - Alfredo Simon, SP

40 hollandspartan - Dominic Ficociello, 3B

41 Dan Gilmore - Joel Hanrahan, RP

42 IdahoBert - Austin Kubitza, SP

43 CO3BRA - Drew VerHagen, SP

44 Motor City Sonics - Blaine Hardy, RP

45 tigersSlappy - Daniel Fields, OF

46 redshark63 - Dixon Machado, SS

47 A.J.K. - Alex Wilson, RP

48 treyKemper - Spencer Turnbull, P

49 tigerfanatic - Raph Rhymes, INF

50 mckibba - may select at any time

51 SacBunt - Angel Nesbitt, P

52 Chopper - Jose Valdez, RP

53 VaBengal - Ian Krol, RP

54 Erie Tiger Fan - may select as he pleases

55 titus tiger- Paws the Tiger

Begin making "Free For All" picks, first come first served!

56 tigeraholic1 selects John Zeid, P

40 MAN ROSTER (2015)


Al Alburquerque, RP - mickeyb105

Buck Farmer, SP - bsc3165

Tom Gorzellany, RP - eastside billee

Shane Greene, SP - vannzee

Blaine Hardy, RP - Motor City Sonics

Ian Krol, RP - VaBengal

Kyle Lobstein, SP - JackPine

Joe Nathan, RP - clark1mt

Angel Nesbitt, RP - SacBunt

David Price, SP - sagnam

Bruce Rondón, RP - California Dreaming

Kyle Ryan, SP - hueytaxi

Aníbal Sánchez, SP - BarbaroGarbeys2ndcuz

Alfredo Simon, SP - Vegas tiger

Chad Smith, RP

Joakim Soria, RP - Walt

Jose Valdez, RP - Chopper

Drew VerHagen, SP - CO3BRA

Justin Verlander, SP - Al de Blanc

Alex Wilson, RP - A.J.K.

Jose Zeid, RP - tigeraholic1


Alex Avila - thecatmac

Bryan Holaday

Víctor Martínez - tigerbomb13

James McCann - keepleyland2


Miguel Cabrera - Potthole

Nick Castellanos - PuNk42AE

Jose Iglesias - Kamakzie

Ian Kinsler - Corky

Dixon Machado - redshark63

Hernán Pérez - Los Gatos

Andrew Romine


Wynton Bernard - CanTig

Yoennis Cespedes - drownwithyou

Tyler Collins - iholly

Rajai Davis - bugmanson

Daniel Fields - tigerslappy

Anthony Gose - Zach Attack

J.D. Martinez - RandyMarsh

Steven Moya - D.J. Hutch


Brad Ausmus

Gene Lamont

Omar Visquel

Jeff Jones

Wally Joyner

Dave Clark

David Newhan

Mick Billmeyer

Jeff Kunkel


Larry Parrish, Manager (AAA)

Mike Maroth, Pitching (AAA)

Leon Durham, Hitting (AAA)

Lance Parrish, Manager (Erie)

Mike Henneman, Pitching (Erie)

Scott Bream, Director of Pro Scouting

Scott Pleis, Director of Amateur Scouting

Bryson Barber, Scout

Glenn Williams, Scout

Steve Yoo, Scout

Brian Peterson, Performance Coach

Steve Chase, Strength and Conditioning

Kevin Bradshaw, Field Director

Gene Roof, Baserunning & OF

Joe DePastino, Catching

Scott Fletcher, Infield

Bruce Fields, Hitting

A. J. Sager, Pitching Instructor

Dustin Campbell, Medical


Rod Allen

Dan Dickerson

Dave Dombrowski

Shannon Hogan

Kevin Rand

Mike Ilitch

Mario Impemba

Heather Nabozny

Jim Price

Paws the Tiger - Titus Tiger


(Drafted before 2011, milb free agents, or were signed overseas – see further below for the last four drafts)

Xavier Avery, OF

Jose Azocar, OF

Sandy Baez, RHP

Johan Belisario, RHP

Javier Betancourt, INF - Gehringer_2

Mike Belfiore, LHP

Duane Below, SP

Endrys Briceno, RHP

Alex Burgos, LHP

Alberto Cabrera, RHP

Ezequiel Carrera, OF

Harold Castro, 2B

Anthony Castro, RHP

Tyler Clark, RP

Edgar De La Rosa, RHP

Rafael Dolis, RHP

Brandon Douglas, 2B

Omar Duran, LHP

Kevin Eichhorn, RHP

Elys Escobar, C

Kenny Faulk, LHP

Steven Fuentes, 3B

Cesar Gonzalez, OF

David Gonzalez, SS

Ben Guez, OF

Alfred Gutierrez, RHP

Joel Hanrahan, RHP - Dan Gilmore

Mike Hessman, 1B

Eudis Idrogo, P

Joe Jimenez, RHP

Corey Jones, 3B

Manuel Joseph, INF - Charles Liston

Carlos Lara, RHP

Confesor Lara, P

Junnell Ledezma, 1B

Jordan Lennerton, 1B

Rafael Manzanillo, RHP

Julio Martinez, OF - cruzer1

Jefry Marte, 3B

Jhonny Mateo, RHP

Tim Melville, RHP

Melvin Mercedes, RP

Franklin Navarro, C

Janry Obispo, RHP

Wilsen Palacios, RHP

Yerison Pena, 1B

Carlos Perez, OF

Arvicent Perez, C

Gerbinson Perez, LHP

Josh Prince, Utility

Luke Putkonen, RP

Tim Remes, C

James Robbins, 1B

Ryan Robowski, LHP

Felix Santana, OF

Warwick Saupold, RHP

Brennan Smith, RHP - Sports_Freak

Gabe Spier, LHP

Will Startup, LHP

Jade Todd, P

Angel Vasquez, RHP

Adenson Verastequi, RHP

Felix Viloria, LHP

Josh Wilson, INF

Detroit Tigers 2014 Draft Picks

Derek Hill, OF - estrepe1

Spencer Turnbull, RHP - TreyKemper

Grayson Greiner, C - plantcitytigersfan

Adam Ravenelle, RHP (Round 4)

Shane Zeile, C (Round 5)

Ross Kivett, CF (Round 6)

Joey Pankake, 3B (Round 7)

Artie Lewicki, RHP (Round 8)

Josh Laxer, RHP (Round 9)

Paul Voelker, RHP (Round 10)

A.J. Ladwig, RHP (Round 11)

Garrett Mattlage, SS (Round 12)

Will Allen, C (Round 13)

Josh Heddinger, RHP (Round 14)

Michael Gerber, CF (Round 15)

Corey Baptist, 1B (Round 17)

Will Maddox, 3B (Round 18)

Trent Szkutnik ,LHP (Round 20)

Whit Mayberry, RHP (Round 21)

Michael Thomas, C (Round 22)

Brett Pirtle, 2B (Round 23)

Gabe Hemmer, RHP (Round 24)

Gage Smith, RHP (Round 25)

Jack Fischer, RHP (Round 26)

Tyler Ford, LHP (Round 27)

Will Kengor, SS (Round 28)

Jacob Butler, RHP (Round 29)

Spenser Watkins, RHP (Round 30)

Kenton St. John, LHP (Round 32)

Nate Fury, RHP (Round 36)

Magglio Ordonez, 1B (Round 38)

Detroit Tigers 2013 Draft Picks

Kevin Ziomek, LHP (Round 2) - tramlou

Jeffrey Thompson, RHP (rd 3)

Austin Kubitza, RHP (rd 4)- IdahoBert

Calvin Drummond, RHP (rd 6)

Connor Harrell, CF (rd 7)

Zach Reininger, RHP (rd 8)

Will LaMarche, RHP (rd 9)

Kasey Coffman, OF (rd 10)

Chad Green, RHP (rd 11)

Dominic Ficociello, 3B (rd 12) - hollandsparrtan

Austin Green, C (rd 13)

Ben Verlander, RF (rd 14)

Raphael Rhymes, OF (rd 15) - TigerfanaTic

Duncan McAlpine, C

Steven Negron, SS

Jonathan Maciel, RHP

Austin Pritcher, RHP

Curt Powell, SS

Daryl Norris, RHP

Chase Edwards, RHP

Johnnie Kirkland, RHP

Joe Mantiply, LHP

Scott Sitz, RHP

Ryan Beck, LHP

Tanner Bailey, RHP

Detroit Tigers 2012 Draft Picks

Austin Schotts, CF (3rd rd) - Mike0618

Joe Rogers, LHP (5th rd)

Jordan John, LHP (6th rd)

Jeff McVaney, LF (8th rd)

Charles Gillies, RHP (10th rd)

Bennett Pickar, C (11th rd)

Julio Felix, RHP (12th rd)

Josh Turley, LHP

Slade Smith, RHP

Will Clinard, RHP

Logan Ehlers, LHP

Jared Reaves, SS

Rashad Brown, CF

Tyler Hanover, 2B

Matt Davenport, RHP

Jacob Kapstein, C

Ryan Longstreth, LHP

Detroit Tigers 2011 Draft Picks

Aaron Westlake, 1B (Rd 3)

Brandon Loy SS (Rd 5)

Jason Krizan OF (Rd 8)

Chad Wright OF (Rd 9)

Dean Green 1B - DaYooperASBDt

Jeff Holm OF (Rd 12)

Tyler Gibson OF (Rd 15)

Ismael Salgado OF

Brett Harrison 3B

Thomas Collier RHP

Matt Crouse LHP

Guido Knudson RHP

Montreal Robertson RHP

Edited by DaYooperASBDT
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Phooey on rules ... ANARCHY !! ANARCHY !! Wait ... turns out we are fresh out of anarchies. How about extra pepperoni?

1. You get a 24 hour window to make your pick. A pick immediately triggers the next picker's 24 hours. Plan on this lasting a few weeks. We just killin time here.

2. If your 24 hours expires, next person goes on their 24 hour clock (but you can still make your pick at any time)

3. If you failed to login to MTS within the last seven days, then no 24 hour clock for you !!!

4. If your AAT is released, retires, or other tragic fate, pick another one silly, unless you are the mourning type.

5. If your AAT is traded, you have first choice of any of the new players from that transaction. Really, we promise!

6. Creativity in picks is certainly cool - but be prepared to defend, nuture, bolster, support, bleed for, tout, encourage, promote, brag on, adore, and charma-shower your AAT for the entire year. You shall be his/her mouthpiece, Guido.

7. Sharing cool photos, bios, reports, stat updates, sig lines, or Sparky-esque hype of your AAT is highly encouraged!

8. Have fun - or I shall have Joe Nathan come over to finish your scrabble game.

9. No whining about pace/speed of the draft - offenders will receive the Honey Boo Boo set (all episodes) on Blue-Ray disc.

10. Check post #1 of this thread every couple of days to see if you are up !! Those napping through their draft pick, well dude you are gonna miss out on primo pickings!

11. Have fun - oh wait I said fun twice. Well, I like fun.

12. You may PM me or others a pre-ordered proxy draft list, if you choose. If you decide to pass or trade your pick position, just let me know!

Edited by DaYooperASBDT
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I'm number 42! I'm Jackie Robinson!


In The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything from the supercomputer, Deep Thought, specially built for this purpose - and after 7½ million years of computation - turns out to be 42!

And thank you, Charles, for promising to help me smite my enemies. Enemies, you have been served. Never underestimate what two 62-year-old men with pipes and blowtorches can do to your hillbilly asses.

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I'm number 42! I'm Jackie Robinson!


In The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything from the supercomputer, Deep Thought, specially built for this purpose - and after 7½ million years of computation - turns out to be 42!

And thank you, Charles, for promising to help me smite my enemies. Enemies, you have been served. Never underestimate what two 62-year-old men with pipes and blowtorches can do to your hillbilly asses.

Oh yeah?

I got Ian Krol's number!

How do you like them apples!

(in my best Matt Damon Boston accent)

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