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Cleveland "Browns"?

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There is plenty of access to funds, just small amounts each time and for very specific spending. I would really appreciate if this issue gravitated more toward the general awareness of Native Americans, but I won't fool myself into thinking that. Once the name change goes through we will stop hearing about Natives being offended and our people will go on living as they always have.

Here is the main problem. I truly believe Natives have a tremendous advantage in life. I got to go to school for free because I am Native. I can get a great job working for a tribe or the government anywhere in the country because I am Native. But I am the minority, many natives feel the government owes them everything, and by treaty rights, the government does owe some things, like free healthcare. But the mentality doesn't stop there, what the government doesn't owe, their tribe owes to them. Many of our people just want free handouts and don't want to work or explore their options. They grow up on dirt poor reservations where alcoholism is rampant and then it becomes learned helplessness, always someone else to blame. That has become generational. I know parents to teach their kids how much they should work (or not work in this case) in order to qualify for free housing and food stamps (got to make sure you don't work too much). Then what isn't covered by the Feds they turn to the tribe, whom most are having trouble staying afloat because all their eggs are in the casino basket, which has a saturated market. Rural areas aren't garnering gambling tourism like it used to, you can go to most major cities for a casino now. I am not sure if there is a good solution.

I admittedly don't have a lot of knowledge in this area and very much appreciate your view. As with most things there is blame or better said, responsibility, to go around. It's great to hear from someone like you who has taken an opportunity and used it productively and still retains a clear eyed view. I wish we had a better handle on balancing warranted help without so many negative outcomes.

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Weird! That's exactly not where Baxter said it came from!

The evidence presented by Baxter appears to me to only support that natives were called red skins, and that a bounty was paid on scalps. But I haven't studied the matter. And all I can tell you about this particular news source is that I've had it bookmarked for years, since there was an article that mentioned my mom (long story ... she has a lot of friends) and later decided to follow on twitter to follow the Cherokee vs. Freedman lawsuits.

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