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#15 Alabama @ #7 Michigan State


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Nice quote by narduzzi. If you had told me in august that we'd be playing bama in our bowl game, I would have been ecstatic.

Conway and other MSU football quick hits - LSJ Blogs: Hey, Joe

MSU's staff was pretty damn excited about Conway and his early performances from '09 (so much so that there was talk about removing his red-shirt in his first year on campus)...Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately - as the case may yet be - his neck made that decision moot. MSU could really use both he and Barrent having big injury bounce-back fall/springs.

That said, MSU's o-line for 2011 should end up at least as proficient as this year's was - with the talent to be a step or two better. In totality, MSU will be every bit as talented as they were in 2010 (if not better) - yet very unlikely to reproduce this season's results - but that's why they play the game. My early take says we're right there with Nebraska for the first Legends' Division title race.

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Did my pickems today and I followed Doug Gottliebs advice. Alabama was my 35 confidence points. I like to see big ten teams do well in the bowl games, but I dont see this one being too close. Would like to see a good game though.

Note: for those who dont listen to the Doug Gottlieb show, its worth at least listening to his picks for football if youre a betting man. His record his amazing and has won me some good cash.

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As of 8 days ago, only 1,000 tickets remained available thru MSU (this from msuspartans.com). Thats all I've been able to find online.

Alabama has sold out their tix allotment, and the article states:

Michigan State, Alabama’s opponent for the Jan. 1, 2011, bowl at Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium, is expected to also sell out its 12,500-ticket allotment.

As in 2008 with Georgia, I've always imagined how many big ten fans would show up to bowl games if they were only in a bordering state. Its gotta be a blast for fans of those schools, itd be so easy.

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Yep the allotment is 12500, but we asked to buy and hold an additional 10,000. Damn impressive, ESP for a non bcs bowl that we've been to twice in three years, and a city weve been to in three out of four years.
MSU has officially sold out its allotment of 12,500 tickets for the Jan. 1 Capital One Bowl against Alabama.

Spartan Football (MSU_Football) on Twitter

Finished that quote for you from the link. Your cut and paste must not have worked correctly.

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Not that many care but I've been guiding the Spartans in our annual Online BCS tournament and have shocked the world so far. Michigan State came in ranked #9 and has beaten #8 Arkansas (38-28) and last night they beat the #1 ranked Auburn Tigers 27-20. The hero has been Kirk Cousins who has passed for 483 yards and 4 TD's in the two games. The game was one where you were just waiting for the hammer to fall as Auburns ratings are off the charts. Luckily I stuck with a bend but don't break defensive game plan and it played out in MSU's favor. It helped of course that Auburn was flagged 11 times and continuously shot themselves in the foot. Up next I think I play #2 Oregon in the Final Four.

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Why so sensitive, sv? You intimated that msu had an additional 10k tickets they wanted to sell, which was impressive. I think the actual number of tickets sold is quite relevant. It goes directly to your argument that msu would be able to match osu. Do you still think that? I don't think the city of Atlanta and the opponent of Arkansas is enough to result in a 40% increase in ticket sales necessary to meet the sugar bowl allotment. Your current matchup with bama an saban is very high profile, and Orlando is quite tourist friendly.

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It's new Orleans, not Atlanta. And we've been to Orlando three of the past four years, that gets saturated. And we've already discussed osu's difficulty selling tix to bcs bowl games based outside of Pasadena. So long story short: yes.

And I'm so sensitive bc you can't post one thing without an opposing fan jumpig down your throat. If you think I had an agenda reportig merely a sellout and not an exact number, then sobeit.

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My bad on the NO/Atlanta thing.

I wasn't trying to jump down your throat. Just busting your balls on the additional 10k thing. I personally don't see a big difference between the two bowl trips due to opponen and location but obviously ymmv. For every person that is more likely to go to New Orleans over orlado, there is probably one who won't go. I have to imagine it's a pretty easy sell to the wife and kids if Disney world is part of the equation.

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