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Official Adopt-a-Lion ***DRAFT THREAD***


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Ok, here it is... the list!


DO NOT post in this thread unless you are on the clock and selecting your Lion. All other discussion goes to http://www.motownsports.com/forums/showthread.php?t=63441

Group A:

Hongbit - Kelly, Brian

LosGatos - Sims, Ernie

Baseknock - Smith, Kevin

Group B:

Shinma - Johnson, Calvin

djhutch - Kitna, Jon

ElGatoPolloLoco - William Clay Ford

Group C:

tigerkid23 - Williams, Roy

TigerPride8301 - Dizon, Jordon

Fool Inc. - Cherilus, Gosder

Group D:

AdamBradbury - on the clock! may pick at any time.

BeantownMarty - Dominic Raiola, Center

GartenSparten - Drew "crazy legs" Stanton

Group E:

sagnam - Leigh Bodden

tys-spikes84 Alex Lewis

iceteebone - Matt Millen

Group F:

JackMorrisStache - Dewayne White

Mikeshoe21 - Cory Redding

StatesboroBlues - Jason Hanson

Group G:

wingedwheel - Shaun MacDonald - WR

cruzer1 - Ikaika Alama-Francis

Mark The Shark - George Foster

Group H:

sinister porpoise - Dwight Smith

wingnut736 - on the clock!

The Captain - Jerome Felton

Group I:

oldschoolbaseball33 - on the clock!

Geebs11 - Daniel Bullocks

ImminentThreat - Mike Furrey

Group J:

mtutiger - on the clock!

EatEmUpTigers711 - Gerald Alexander

Tigersman28 - Cliff Avril

Group K:

xnick5 - Travis Fisher

JAYB - Jared DeVries

BaconDrips - Paris Lenon

Group L:

detroitdan - Casey FitzSimmons

GuitarGod19 - Michael Gaines TE

Mschottey1985 - Jeff Backus

Group M:

DirkDigger - Dan Orlovsky

Frink - on the clock!

vannzee - Nick Harris

Group N:

Maroth4MVP - on the clock!

Simple Simon - Drew Henson

drownwithyou - Andre Fluellen

Group O:

Tigerclaws - on the clock!

BigDaddyTiny - Sean McHugh

pape06 - Brian Calhoun

Group P:

Mike - Edwin Mulitalo

Donny1351 - Joe Cullen

jonjd - on the clock!

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I am proud to welcome a former world champion of the world to the Lion defense. He figures to see extended playing time all year once the Leigh Bodden season ending injury occurs sometime in the 2nd quarter of Game 1.

With the 1st overall pick in the 2008 MTS Adopt-A-Lion draft I select:

#25 Brian Kelly


He was the premier free agent signing for the Lions this offseason and his 10 year pro career and stellar collegiate history make him more than worth of this honor. We all know that Lion corners are synonymous with greatness all the way back to the incomparable Terry Fair and Bryant Westbrook and newer studly additions like Fernando Bryant and Travis Fisher. A unsurpassed history that is both feared and envied across the league. Here's hoping BK can take this to new levels and become the greatest Lion CB of the past 25 years.


He knows gang signs too.


They don't give this number out to just anybody.

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Los Gatos selects... Ernie Sims!

Sims is a terrific young player and also a Seminole. My wife is an FSU grad and my alma mater doesn't have football, so they've become my adopted college team. We're delighted to keep Ernie in the family.


Lions linebacker Ernie Sims signs autographs at a recent practice. Sims led Detroit in tackles last season.

Sims ready to take next step for Lions' defense

by Tom Kowalski

Saturday August 16, 2008, 12:15 AM

ALLEN PARK -- During several practices during training camp, when the special teams units were going through drills, Detroit Lions linebacker Ernie Sims and his position coach Phil Snow would go through their own routine off to the side.

Snow would line up several small cones, indicating offensive formations, and then run Sims through a variety of scenarios, including shifts and motions and how his reads and responsibilities changed with them. It was their own private walk-through, with Sims getting quizzed constantly.

"There's always more to learn,'' said Sims, who is entering his third season in the Tampa Two defensive scheme. "I'm better, but not all the way. I'm always learning every day. New things are always going to come up. It's one thing to know the defense, but offenses change, too -- different schemes happen.''

Sims, a first-round draft pick in 2006, has been a stellar player in his first two seasons and defensive coordinator Joe Barry said repeatedly that Sims played at a Pro Bowl level last year. Sims, though, didn't go to the Pro Bowl.

As good as Sims was -- he led the team with 172 tackles, averaging more than 10 per game -- the Lions still were ranked last in the league in points and total yards allowed. It's tough to get a lot of Pro Bowl votes that way.

While Sims is a consummate team player, he admits he thinks about those Pro Bowl honors.

"I mean, who wouldn't? I definitely think about it, but it is what it is,'' Sims said. "I go out there and play ball and play my heart out and if people don't vote for me, they don't vote for me. If they don't put me in the Pro Bowl, they don't put me in the Pro Bowl.

"I'll take it as it goes. I'm not going to complain about it, I'm going to go out there and do my job and hope somebody will recognize it.''

There's a chance that might happen this year because of two big changes in the Lions this season. On defense, they've added six new starters, many with a lot of previous experience in the Tampa Two system. That's going to mean a more cohesive and productive unit.

"It should. You would think. As the defense gets better, I'll get more notice,'' Sims said.

An improving defense won't just help Sims' national profile, it'll keep him a lot healthier, too.

Because the Lions struggled in stopping teams on third down, the defense spent a lot of time on the field. Sims, who rarely comes out of the game, was on the field for more than 1,000 plays in each of his first two seasons.

While Sims had to deal with shoulder problems at the end of both seasons because of the wear-and-tear -- he had surgery during the recent offseason -- he refuses to accept that as any kind of excuse.

"I'll be honest with you, I enjoy being on the field that long. I take pride being on the field no matter what, I take pride in never missing a game and I expect it to be that way,'' Sims said.

Still, with Detroit's improved defense and a new philosophy on offense, Sims is hoping the amount of his playing time will get cut down considerably.

"Offense and defense, we've got to work together to get off the field,'' said Sims, who liked what he saw with Detroit's commitment to the run in the first preseason game, a 13-10 victory over the New York Giants. "You saw what I saw last Thursday. The offense controlled the ball and if we can continue to do that, it's going to make it easier on both of us.''




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With the seventh overall pick in the 2008 Adopt-a-Lion draft, tigerkid23 selects...

Roy Williams, Wide Receiver, University of Texas


Career Statistics:

2004: 14 games, 54 receptions, 817 yards, 15.1 YPC, 8 TDs

2005: 13 games, 45 receptions, 687 yards, 15.3 YPC, 8 TDs

2006: 16 games, 82 receptions, 1310 yards, 16.0 YPC, 7 TDs [Pro Bowl selection]

2007: 12 games, 63 receptions, 836 yards, 13.3 YPC, 5 TDs

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JackMorrisStache selects Dewayne White, via PM.

AdamBradbury - on the clock, may pick at any time.

tys-spikes84 - on the clock, may pick at any time.

Group F: remaining selections.



Group G will go on the clock at 10:00 PM EST tomorrow if no one selects before then... PLEASE select before then...

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