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Craig Monroe DFA'd


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This suprises me as they could have kept C-Mo by waiting 2 weeks (for the rest of the season at least - I didn't expect an arbitration offer). That said, I can't wait to see Maybin tonight.

Good luck to Craig, he's been terrible this year but has always seemed to be a good guy. I'll choose to remember him mostly by the Grand Slam against the Pale Hose last year.

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If Craig was sent down, don't teams have a chance to claim him? Did he clear waivers already??

I mean wouldn't a team want him for such a cheap price?

He hasn't been sent down yet, he has been DFA'd - which means he is off the roster and the Tigers have 10 days to either trade him or release him.

Reportedly he has also cleared trade waivers. It is entirely possible that no one wants him at his current salary and production level.

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He hasn't been sent down yet, he has been DFA'd - which means he is off the Tigers have 10 days to either trade him or release him.

Reportedly he has also cleared trade waivers. It is entirely possible that no one wants him at his current salary and production level.

Thank you for clearing that up

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No, it wasn't. It was strictly a PR move, IMO. You don't just let a team favorite go unless you have a pretty good upgrade, which the Tigers didn't. I doubt Craig would have been worth much in a trade. I don't believe he had many options there.

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ahh memories..


Monroe arrested, released on $500 bond

Associated Press

Updated: December 7, 2004, 8:24 PM ET

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. -- Detroit Tigers outfielder Craig Monroe was arrested for allegedly stealing a $29.99 belt from a department store, a records clerk at Charlotte County jail said Tuesday.

Monroe wrapped the belt around his waist and tried to leave the store without paying Friday, according to the arrest report. He posted $500 bond and was released from county jail that day.

Monroe is scheduled to face arraignment Dec. 15 on a second-degree misdemeanor charge of petit theft.

He hit .293 with 18 home runs and 72 RBI in 128 games for the Tigers last season, when he earned $335,000.

Tigers spokesman Brian Britten said Tuesday the team would not comment.

Copyright 2004 by The Associated Press

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I feel a little bad for Monroe, but being a major league baseball player is a privilege, not a right. He's lived the dream, and he will probably catch on one way or another with someone else. I always thought he was just good enough to keep if he kept producing at his mediocre level, but when he stopped doing even that it was time for him to go. Good move.

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How much of a defensive upgrade is Santiago over Infante?

Maybe I haven't been paying attention enough, but I don't recall seeing Infante do a bad job at SS.

Infante is clearly a better option offensively. Those who are saying that he hasn't been hitting must not be actually watching the games.


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Rod Allen has a thing for Sheff. Gaurantee he will try and ask Sheff to be his date to the Tigers formal at the end of the year..... Rod's got a HUGE Crush on Sheff and I dont mean in a totally platonic way.

It sounds like you are projecting your own feelings and besides what does that have to do with anything on this thread?

DeLeon Richards Sheffield

Most people first heard of DeLeon Richards Sheffield when she and her husband's names were splashed all over tabloids in a 2004 extortion attempt involving an alleged ten-year-old video tape with R. Kelly.

Yet DeLeon, who has been married to baseball player Gary Sheffield for almost eight years, has always been in the spotlight, though it was the under the shine of the church as a gospel phenom.

Now, the 30-year-old PK, who has been singing gospel music since she was three, is ready to present her latest album in early 2007, a breathy, modern, R&B-influenced message of uplift. She notes her favorite scripture as: "I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me." [Philippians 4:13]."



Rod Allen family life


Allen and his wife, Ardian, have four children: a daughter, Rhonda, 28; a son, Rod, Jr., 22; a son, Andrew, 15; and a daughter, Rachel, 13. Allen, Jr. was selected by the New York Yankees in the 12th round of the 2004 Major League Baseball Draft. He played the 2004 season with the Staten Island Yankees in the New York-Penn League, and he is currently on the roster of the Class A Winston-Salem Warthogs.


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I feel bad for Craig. He gave the Tigers all he had and provided a few thrills along the way. But, for the sake of the Tigers THIS year, it had to be done. He wasn't creating or driving in runs as you expect from the LF position. He'll latch on somewhere. I hope it's in the NL where he can't haunt us this year, but I suspect an AL team will grab him. He has value as an outfielder and a DH and a PH. I wouldn't be surprised is some team teaches him to play 1B(probably next Spring) to make him more valuable as a sub.

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About nine months too late on Monroe. Not trading him for something useful last offseason was one of DD's biggest mistakes with the Tigers.

I concur.

However, now that he's gone, all they need to do is be rid of Grilli and my big concerns will be complete. Smaller concerns (Casey, Jones) I can worry about in the off-season, with regard to carping and moaning.

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WHOA. What a big day for Tigers fans. I feel bad for Monroe because he seemed like such a great guy and he really did bring a lot to last year's team....but this isn't his year. I'm glad they gave him a shot to turn it around but he just seemed to be getting worse. I hope he finds a new team and can succeed there.

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Last November I proposed this:


Angels need several things. How about Monroe and Miner/Ledezma for Figgins?

Might be an interesting tweak and ya gotta figure Craig is gone in another year as Maybin arrives. Wasn't it Branch Rickey who espoused getting rid of a guy a year too soon instead of a year too late? I think we can count on Monroe doing what we got out of him this year but I don't see him getting better. A solid, decent player but not a big star.

Was told it was a bad idea by Edman85:

Seriously? That much for Chone Figgins? What did Branch Rickey say about getting a guy right as he's being exposed as merely a role player?

and this:

There's no justification for trading Wil Ledezma and Craig Monroe for Chone Figgins at this point... none. Yes, you are trading less, but are getting nothing in return.

and by jadefalcon:

Chone Figgins is terrible. He can't play good defense anywhere with that great speed. He can't hit for average, power, or draw walks. He is not a good contact hitter. He can run, but that's about it, and we all know you can't steal 1st. I wouldn't give up C-Mo or Wil straight up for him. Maybe Miner, but then Figgins would be merely a utility guy that plays 2-4 days a week.

Basically, all who responded (there were others - these are just representative responses) thought this was a very poor idea.

Figgins this year:

SB 33 CS 9 AVE .341 OBP .394 SLG .439 OPS.833

Wouldn't have been a bad idea after all I guess, even if we had thrown in Wil. As Emilio Castillo wrote: "Hindsight is foresight that happens too late."

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