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Lions back to 97.1 next year

Motor City Sonics

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Wow, I will post the video of Valenti's reaction when the Lions left a few years ago.   

When they were negotiating their last contract one of their demands was that either Mike Valenti is fired or that he'd be forced to take calls from Lions PR people when they demanded it.   They no longer have the same PR head, he works in the archives now (unless he retired).   They went to WJR and my feeling is that WJR and Cumulus Media probably didn't want to renew, so the Lions were kind of forced to go back to 97.1.     They were very sensitive about criticism.   I know about it from personal experience in my brief time in Sports radio in AA.      This could be a little awkward.   The Lions would not allow a league-focused pre-game that Valenti wanted to do (Gameday Uncensored).    I wonder if that stays. 



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1 hour ago, Mr.TaterSalad said:

Bill Keenist, former Ministry of Propaganda and Head of Public Relations for the Lions sounds like one of the worst people in sports. MCS, did you guys at Ticket 1050 have Keenist calling the station and making demands to the General Manager too?

Not quite that because we weren't a Lions station then,  but I know something I said about them really pissed off someone over there and I was told by a friend who worked with the Lions (not for the Lions)  "Hope you're not planning to apply for a job at 97.1 or any other Lions station anytime soon"   Like they had that kind of pull - or I would ever end up there anyway.  I am a music guy,  I only did the sports gig because they said either work at 2 stations or don't work at all and I wasn't going to do country radio.     But I knew about BK and his constant calling long before Valenti talked aobut it on the air.  

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33 minutes ago, Mr.TaterSalad said:

Stoney and Gregg Henson both confirmed what Valenti (and yourself) said about the Lions (Keenist) and the harassment and badgering they received. Henson said when he was PD of WDFN he would receive calls while he or his hosts were on the air directly from Keenist. That is wild stuff.

Yes, several times daily.   He actually wanted official say on programming and what could and could not be talked about.   When you win 1 playoff game in 60 years, you are going to get ripped..........you need to understand that.   Tom Wilson of the Wings/Tigers (ex Pistons) does. 

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47 minutes ago, kgeorge78 said:

I can't stand him.

Most arrogant guy hes whole thing is to constantly yell and bash the lions.  I'm so over him .


Valenti is what sells in today's market. He is the sports version of a Hannity - loud, smug, combative. (The difference is that in sports, the opinions and rants of a Valenti are over-all pretty harmless in the greater scheme of things.)  Maybe I've mellowed but I mind him a lot less recently than when he was doing the show with Foster. For some reason the personality he projected then always came across to me as unattractively mean-spirited. There was just something off with the two of them together. The current crew seems to operate an overall much lighter toned show. 

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I used to hate him back in the day cause he just came across as a troll, this was back when Detroit teams were good and he'd just always take the negative viewpoint and **** in people's cheerios sorta speak.  Now that all the teams suck I don't quite have the hatred towards him but I do feel he moves the goalposts or tries to come up with anything negative to rile people up, but I forgive that now cause with how horrible the teams are he needs to do that to spark interest.  When teams like the Tigers, Wings and some years the Lions were good back 9-10 years ago I didn't think that was necessarily.

For instance I particularly remember in 2009 when the Tigers blew the division he mocked fans for getting excited and buying into the playoffs and went on and on about them choking.  Then 2 years later the Tigers took a big lead against Cleveland, it was the day after Austin Jackson threw out a Cleveland runner to end the game on a double play,  a caller called in and talked about how he was excited but wasn't getting his hopes up though due to what happened before.  Valenti then went on a rant chastising the fans of Detroit for not getting behind their teams or believing in them and that "real fans" would believe they were going to the playoffs.  

To me all that showed was that he could laugh and say "I told you so" if fans got excited and the Tigers blew it or to mock them and call them non believers if the Tigers held on and won which is what happened and was of course what he did.   

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