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  1. so, since Hodge-Podge has disappeared under such mysterious circumstances that the Mods can offer no other advice than to start a new one - here it is. However, In the interests of alliteration and not to be accused of plagiarizing the inestimable Auberndale Ray, I have named it Pot-pourri. So to start: a pretty bad month for Fox news and Roger Ailes continuing dreams of putting Repubs in the WH. First their "Man from the CIA" Wayne Simmons pleads guilty to being a fraud. http://money.cnn.com/2016/04/29/media/wayne-shelby-simmons-fox-news-cia/ Then lackluster ratings for their convention coverage: http://variety.com/2016/tv/news/rnc-2016-ratings-fox-news-flat-big-jump-for-cnn-msnbc-1201819792/ and of course, Roger Ailes is toppled - and was there really any doubt watching the way they have stage managed the feminine presence (can you say eye-candy?) in their production that Fox has been an organization infused with sexism from the get go? And now they have a candidate that some of their leading commentariat (Kristol, Krauthammer) oppose. With Ailes' messaging discipline having exited the scene, this is going to be uncharted media territory for a GOP national campaign.
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