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  1. Yesterday, during our Thanksgiving day together with family: My grand-nephew (not quite 4 yrs old) exchanging trash-talking barbs with my sister (his Grandmother) about what BAD things were going to be in their respective Christmas stockings: Grandma: "Oh yeah? Well, I'm pulling a bag of coal in your stocking" kid: "Well, I'm putting a bag of poop in your stocking" Grandma: "Yeah? Well, I'm putting smelly socks in yours" kid: "I'm putting a diaper in yours" *** (This was particularly funny because we didn't know if he meant a used one from his 1 yr old brother, or a new one ..... and getting older, my sister wondered if it was one of those ADULT diapers) Grandma: " Well... in that case , I'm putting used Q-tips in your stocking". kid: " um... um.... well, I'm putting a book with NO PICTURES in yours!" (This was my favorite) ... it eventually degenerated into real silly 3 yr old stuff.... ahhh... it was great.
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