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  1. I don't understand the confusion. Michigan isn't going to introduce recreational retail until 2020 as they said after the law passed. There's not some grand conspiracy going on where a bunch of greedy politicians want to keep scads of money out of the coffers. Both sides want their grubby hands on that dosh ASAP
  2. oregon tryna threaten me with a good time
  3. Didn't want those roads or improved infrastructure anyway. This is manifestly false. You're confusing the desires of certain individuals in the federal government with what's actually happening in recreational legal states. Look - the bill is very likely going to pass. Hem and haw all you like but it's going to be the way of things and I welcome the improvements that will come to the state from the tax revenue and midwestern tourist economy. Michigan could certainly use the money. Maybe not in Ann Arbor (well the "public facing" side of Ann Arbor anyway) and maybe not in the good ol' northern suburbs of Detroit, but where I live? Lenawee and places like this? Yeah certainly that money is going to be very welcome. We're a pretty cash poor state overall. Strange considering we've had GOP control over the state legislature for as long as we have, and they're the party of fiscal responsibility. Go figure.
  4. Hasn't worked for me. I'll keep experimenting and let you know.
  5. You absolutely must be trolling saying this with an animated avatar of a guy who probably does more blow in a week than most baseheads do in a year.
  6. I know I've been gone a while but I wanted to come back to at least comment on this. What a great owner he was for our favorite team(s). I don't know what the future holds for the Tigers but I hope that his spirit of wanting to win above all else continues to drive the team. May he rest in peace.
  7. I was really hoping Ausmus didn't use Soria in the 8th so he could call on him to close. I knew he wouldn't, but I can dream.
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