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  1. I think part of the issue with Emily v a McCosky is that McCosky is a part of an institution, he's a beat writer for one of the major papers and bc of that has special access and a good job. There is competition for that job and a town like Detroit should have someone good on those beats, as they have in the past. When they do not, it's fair to criticize and lobby to get someone better in those positions. Emily is not a part of any essential institution. She tweets and writes for a blog. A better comp for her is Sportz rather than McCosky. If you find her opinion/work annoying/amateurish/dumb, you can unfollow her, as I'm sure many of you have done with Sportz. It's a pretty simple solution.
  2. I did not mean sexual obsession, but an obsession with hating on her. There are numerous pages on this thread where the only thing happening is dunking on Emily. Resentment/jealousy = she's going on sports shows/writing professionally/getting attention for takes that are not on par with what the average poster here writes on a daily basis. But that's bc she put herself out there and God help her, she is trying and clearly has passion for what she's doing. That does open her up for criticism, a lot of it fair... And this new breed of reporter that comes not from the world of journalism, but the world of social media, where your personality is part of the brand, also blurs the line a bit... Members of this board are not her intended audience - her stuff is geared toward Tiger fans paying attention to the minor leagues for the first time bc the team is so bad and that's all we have AND it is barely covered by the local beat writers... and when it is covered, it's far from comprehensive. But again, she's the only prominent female covering the Tigers minor leagues and a group of men firing vitriol at her nonstop, at the very least, feels mean spirited. Just as bad... it's boring.
  3. I agree with this. She's a pro writer/public figure so poking fun of her here and there, as we do McCosky, Fenech, Henning is fine... but for me, the vitriol has crossed a line and now seems like sexist obsession/jealously/resentment by this board full of men. As Hongbit said, 'not a good look.'
  4. Yeah, Mondesi someone on big club they can build around. Dozier, Soler and Merrifield are all nice trade chips if they try to restock/go full rebuild.
  5. I think Castro gets a shot at SS next year. Maybe he doesn't stick there long term, but there is no one standing in his way so he should get a legit opportunity. Agree with the Jeimer comments. The bat so far can't play at 3b. Maybe there's some hope that he can get there, but no way he's playing 1st base for the next good team. Paredes could be playing there this time next year, so again, agree that next year is somewhat make or break for Jeimer and Lugo.
  6. You seem to be seeing what you want to see. I said I was basing it not only on 125 abs but also a very good 2017 in the minors and a better 2018. Yordan is no lock to be a star, but he has a legit chance. I don't think any - of even the most optimistic - scouting reports on Daz/Rogers/Perez projects them to be a star.
  7. I'd take that bet right now. And it's not only 125 ABs in the bigs, it's his domination of AAA beforehand, and AA the year before that. Of the three guys we got, only Perez is younger than Yordan (by 6 months). Just bc we could not land one of the Astros' top 2 prospects did not mean we had to be left with a bum hand.
  8. Lugo was/remains a better bet to provide some big league value than essentially a 5th round pick if JD walked. Right now, the return for JV looks pretty light... a 4th OF, 2nd division C and maybe nothing at all from Perez... but I agree that it will be at least another year until we can judge, and hope at least one of those guys becomes better than that. It's clear we would have not scored Whitley or Tucker in the deal, but Yordan Alvarez is the player who feels like he easily could have been the 2nd or 3rd piece and is now better than them all...
  9. Agree, Norris feels like a real long shot. I feel Greene is pretty close to guaranteed gone. After hearing the Cubs/Phillies interest + Castellanos' comments, I feel he's pretty close to a lock to go as well. Boyd maybe 66%? Jimenez feels less than 50/50, but if the Giants hold onto all their relievers, maybe it's more likely he goes than not. No problem dealing a RP.
  10. Rays, Padres, Brewers all smallish market teams in big need of SP and teams that need to get multiple years of control if they are dealing good prospects. Braves are after one too, as well as big market teams like Yanks, Dodgers, Astros, Phillies. I know some of Boyd's results have not been great of late, but he really is the only game in town in terms of SPs with more than 1.5 yrs of control and unless he goes in tank these last two starts before the deadline, hard to imagine there will be a better time to deal him. If the Giants hold onto Bum and the Indians keep Bauer - both possible - the SP market -control or not-is very thin.
  11. SD is in last place in the NL west, 5 games out of #2 WC with 6 teams to jump. Unless they are just looking to add at the fringes - which I doubt - considering "they are trying to be aggressive - they need someone with a couple of years of control, which basically is Boyd at this point.
  12. http://web.yesnetwork.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20190722&content_id=309293614
  13. I can't imagine he's referring to the Kieboom for Greene request...
  14. That was the rumor, not last year tho, June 2017.
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