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  1. When I heard the name I thought it was Gob...
  2. Biden has already pulled an Obama. Time to "move on" they say...
  3. I'm betting no one who voted for Trump was convinced into it by AOC. They were already leaning in that direction and wouldve voted Trump anyways.
  4. Did he lose because of those issues? Or did he lose because all other contenders dropped out within a few days and through their support behind Biden? Yeah, I think I'd lay more blame at the blue check elite Twitterati for that last part. Its weird seeing people think attending seminars or reading books will somehow cure racism or solve long standing systemic economic disparity?
  5. What if Dems used those ballot issues to help them get elected? Ffs Joe Biden still opposes weed lol. Get a Dem on stage running for President to advocate for 15/hr, M4A and legal weed and suddenly you're forcing Republicans to take unpopular positions against these issues! These aren't "socialist" or extreme radical positions in 2020.
  6. The Democrat brand is toxic down here. I do think AOC and others need to tone down this perceived scolding attitude. There's a better way to educate people about diversity or systemic racism than scolding and blaming poor white guys. Bernie in 2016 had it right: economic message in which his policies benefit everyone regardless of race or background. 2020 Bernie veered too much into the identity politics issue. Dems need to have better messaging. Reform police, not defund police for example. And stop assuming all Hispanic people will just vote as a monolithic bloc. In my district, Rep. Shalala was a former Clinton surrogate who opposed M4A with poor visibility and PR. She lost to a spanish language TV show host. But why was she running for this race at the age of 80? Why are Pelosi, Schumer, etc still in office? This is another issue Dems need to solve. Step aside and get the next generation ready to lead instead of obstructing us... looking to you Pelosi and Schumer. Otherwise AOC will be the default option whether we like it or not.
  7. Blairites claimed he was too far left. Corbyn probably is a closet Brexiter and not a fan of immigrants coming to Europe at the expense of British working classes, which is the POV of most of those 1970s socialist types anyways. Blairites despised him.
  8. I think you're misunderstanding the whole situation. AOC actually has raised quite a bit of money for these races. Why not start holding Democrats accountable to be Democrats? Stop offering people watered down GOP policies rooted in Clintonian economics. My state passed $15/hr minimum wage with 60%. Both Dems and GOP voters clearly had an impact and voted for it. Embrace the base. There's a whole out there who will vote for Dems if they offer something tangible and popular.
  9. Wonderful, so whats the problem here? Why not have better messaging instead of letting cranky conservatives dictate it? Something the Labour Party has also struggled with.
  10. Thats a whole other issue... the antisemitism card couldn't be played on Bernie because he's Jewish but it definitely was attempted by the media! She was on the ticket for WV? Or did they not like what Biden was offering? Did Biden offer anything except not being Trump?
  11. If they don't like what millennial or other young progressive Dems are offering, they can always just be Republicans. Don't these moderates love Reagan so much anyways?
  12. Sure. But WV is one state lol. Why are you to assume what doesn't work in WV will fail in every other state? Maybe the goal shouldn't be to win WV but slowly and surely offer them a promising alternative and maybe, just maybe, get them to lean in your direction in future elections or at the local level 🤔
  13. it was always going to be lose-lose Biden won? Clearly the appeal to RINOs and corporate moderates worked! Biden lost? Its AOC's fault, that extremism cost the Dems! When you have an in-between result where Biden wins and seats lost? Then you claim both at the same time!
  14. We dont have that option in the US as nice as it would be. So Dems need to just NOT be Republicans lol. Which they seem to find hard to do. Im cringing at all this talk about America "being back in the world" or whatever that means. Do we get to drone people again and claim to be antiwar?
  15. How about run on things that will appeal to them? Bernie won WV in the primaries. Maybe a Democratic party that talks about strengthening unions, ensuring Medicare for all, connecting towns to cities and helping defeat the opioid epidemic would go further then whatever tax breaks or whatever Schumer and Pelosi have been peddling for a decade to voters.
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