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  1. I'll take Dan and Jim over Rod and Mario 100% of the time. With that said, it's interesting to me to hear people complaining about Dan talking too much but now that I think about it I can see how that could bother people. Personally, I enjoy what he has to say so much that I've never noticed how much he talks compared to other play by play guys. As mentioned, his enthusiasm is infectious and he really keeps me engaged. I like how Dan and Jim are honest about what they see on the field. To me, Rod Allen will always be the blowhard at the bar that I regret starting a conversation with and I want to get away from as soon as possible.
  2. I haven't checked in on this board in some time and am super pleased I did today to see this thread. I didn't mind Morris in the Jays booth and like him considerably more than Allen. My buddy who is a diehard Jays fan liked him, if that means anything. Allen is the reason I ALWAYS choose to sync the radio feed while watching the Tigers. Well, that's not entirely true...I love Dan and Jim.
  3. I expect Benoit to stay where he is. Either way, I'm happy.
  4. Living out of market, MLB.tv Premium is a great deal for me. I get every radio and tv broadcast of every game and get the At Bat app included in the deal. At home I usually watch games on the PS3 but can also watch on any PC in the house. I can also listen/watch at work on the computer or on my Iphone. Another great (yet deceptive) option is to silently watch my game on my phone while my girlfriend thinks we're just watching a movie together. MLB.tv would not be worth it if you live in the Detroit area and want to watch the Tigers primarily. However, if the only reason you have cable is to watch the Tigers you might want to consider MLB.tv in combination with a proxy server or some other service which spoofs your location so Tiger games wouldn't be blocked. Anyway, the At Bat app is really amazing for all the reasons mentioned. I get a lot of my daily highlights on there and in the offseason I was even able to watch classic games.
  5. The most ridiculous blackout of all is the Blue Jays being blacked out in ALL OF CANADA!! It's a pretty big country.
  6. I'll definitely be thinking about him today (especially during the broadcast) as I'm sure most of you will be. You spend so much time listening to these guys that you feel like you know them personally. For those wondering, Dan Petry will be stepping in for Jim.
  7. To further cement my opinion that Dan is awesome he sent a very nice reply to a tweet I sent him today! The tweet was a photo of me and my dog, on a hike, listening to today's game. I guess Dan has a chocolate lab too.
  8. As has been mentioned, one of the greatest benefits of mlb.tv on the PS3 is that you can choose the radio feed for audio. I much prefer Dan and Jim as rule and having the radio feed allows you to wander around the house and still know exactly what's going on in the game. If something happens you can rush back to the tv to see it. I can tolerate Mario but to me his broadcasts are pretty lifeless though professional and generally well presented. Though I will admit that there is certainly showmanship in broadcasting, I don't find the way Rod speaks to be at all natural as he frequently attempts to make his analysis sound more profound than it actually is. Every time I hear him say "therefore" or "obviously" I cringe. I find Dan and Jim very natural sounding and I would be quite comfortable sitting in the same room with them and listening to them speak just as they do on air. Rod reminds me of the jackass, know-it-all at the bar who I move away from as soon as possible.
  9. Whatever sound you are able to set up on your computer will be relayed to the TV via the HDMI cable. So if you're able to overlay the radio broadcast on the computer you'll be fine.
  10. I can't find the article again but during my euphoric state yesterday I read something about Cecil switching him to the left side so he wouldn't struggle as much trying to hit the slider.
  11. JV handled himself very well. As a huge Conan and Tiger fan it was great to see the two of them together. I'm also a huge Taco Bell fan and my key to that place is never eating their "meat" (although I guess JV would disagree). It comes to the stores pre-cooked in big bags. For any item Taco Bell will substitute their refried beans for the meat. It's better for you and more filling.
  12. The Rolling Stones. I own everything outside of the last live release and have some albums in multiple formats. Google music is releasing 6 previously un(commercially)released live shows. The first in the series is Brussels Affair. If you want to hear some great soloing check out Mick Taylor from this 1973 show. Of course, the rest of the band cooks too.
  13. I'm a huge Stones fan but it's hard to pick just one. I'd likely go with something off of Exile if I were forced to pick but even my fav on that dirty two-discer changes often enough. Another one that hits me where it hurts is She's My Best Friend by Lou Reed.
  14. Sounds like a great time to do something you've always wanted like learn to play an instrument or write a book!
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