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  1. i'm fine with round one. even with the goalie pick. i love edvinson at 6 because we now have a top defensive pairing for the next decade. i liked cossa as a goalie over wellstedt because cossa is bigger and more athletic. he was one of the top goalies on the board and they got him. big, athleletic and mobile. trust the yzerplan.
  2. aatu raty and daiil chayka sitting there for you stevie!
  3. we know what you want!!!!
  4. double tp posts means double the HOT TAKES!!!
  5. btw, kenny holland trading down two spots means that wellstedt is going to be the second coming of terry sawchuck.
  6. aatu raty still there...
  7. there goes wellstedt. if we had to take a goalie, i'm glad they took cossa and not wellstedt.
  8. i really wanted svechkov. darnit. and chaz lucius.
  9. i think its good that theyve been trading all those picks. no one has been able to scout a lot of these guys, its not the year to have a million picks.
  10. at least the blackhawks are a joke again.
  11. well.....at least he's tall.
  12. so many players i would still grab before a goalie. give me a center!
  13. come to the midwest baby! i wonder if the big ten came to some agreement with usc, ucla, washington, colorado, and oregon if they could lure notre dame?
  14. what ratings will osu-usc do? what do you think? better than osu-kansas?
  15. health and safety protocol: keep your dick in your pants
  16. stop wishing for a first round goalie!
  17. they'll schedule the big games in prime time. just like they do now. and the saturday afternoon games will all be at the usual late afternoon times. i dont think its as big of a deal as you think. the bigger deal is to catch the sec and continue to add revenue to the conference, which adding the market of the 5th largest economy in the world will undoubtedly do. much moreso than adding duke/carolina or syracuse or ESPECIALLY kansas or any other midwest state. look, the biggest score would be texas but that ship has flown. same with notre dame. the next big thing to do would be to get the west coast if you could get it. unless you want to think about georgia tech. wake flipping forest?
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