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  1. the goalies were pretty good this year. goalies are like relief pitchers, varies from year to year and you can almost find a good one on the market every season. no need to overpay in years or draft capital. if im the wings, im more worried about finding guys who can score, the team can prevent other teams from scoring by just playing the same boring, safe hockey they played all this year. take no chances and hope you get lucky and score.
  2. this game will be on espn+ for those of you so inclined or out of market or who enjoy pain.
  3. its been a week, give the boy some time.
  4. i mean, look at their power play. they were god awful. not just bad, but seemingly incapable of making basic hockey plays. it was ridiculous.
  5. but is there enough of a foundation to make a splash in free agency and add to it? also, i think a lot of the wings' "improvement" this year is because of the ultra defensive and conservative style they play more than an actual improvement on the ice. plus yzerman brought in some capable vets to help. i dont think its a given that the team improves again next year points wise. they may take a step back if theyre playing a ton of youngsters next year and they have a coach who opens things up a little more.
  6. i hear ya. im not optimistic about anyone in the system anymore.
  7. yzerman will have to decide if they go all in on the kids next year and loses bigly or if he spends some cash on some vets (or makes trades) to set them up to be good enough to make a run at the playoffs. dougie hamilton? try to deal for eichel at a discount? as for this draft, it sounds like as long as they stay in the top 6 they should get one of the top prospects, if (when?) they fall out of the top 6 they will be in the next tier. last year was the year they got mightily screwed. this year's draft doesnt have that uber prospect like last year (or the next two years). lots of guys who could be very good, but no franchise altering players.
  8. i'll take my chances. i think you are very optimistic when it comes to this team and their prospects.
  9. wentz has left handed reliever written all over him. which isnt a terrible thing considering the new rule requiring guys to pitch to three batters. he could slide between a reliever and an emergency starter/5th starter type too. a steve brault kind of ceiling. a #3 starter? maybe on 50 win team with no other options.
  10. Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright; the band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light, and somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout; but there is nothing but joy in Biggs' house — mighty McCann has struck out (again).
  11. wentz probably ends up in the bullpen if he can stay healthy. faedo is a 5th starter swing man if he makes it at all. perez is finished. he was an infielder they made into a pitcher, but his body obviously cant take the strain of pitching. something which houston probably could forsee when they shut him down the year they found some sucker to trade them a hall of fame pitcher for him...
  12. your nba conspiracy lottery results! 1) minnesota (soon to be seattle) 2) new orleans (to play with league darling zion) 3) chicago (because the league loves the bulls and this way they keep their pick) 4) houston 5) charlotte 6) detroit
  13. the fact that chad ford likes kuminga that much means kuminga will suck.
  14. im so proud of this team for finally tanking the right way. looking forward to picking 5th in the draft. but hey, kuminga or boutknight might turn out to be quality players!
  15. acquiring ben wallace for grant hill might have been the luckiest trade in joe dumars' career.
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