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  1. if its one thing social media will teach you its that there are lots of stupid people in this world.
  2. lol....the wnba logo. oh espn, just really have to try to make women's sports happen, dontcha? of that group the pistons logo on there is probably the worst one. michigan, expos, bucs, and oilers are the best.
  3. if faced with a choice between money and their "ethical ideas about their university", they will choose money. every time. michigan will not sit by and let their football program not be a part of the next wave of reorganization if the alternative is to fall out of the top tier. likewise, the top tier will make every offer to get michigan involved because of its name, huge fanbase, rich alumni, and tv drawing power. get the pac 12 involved and poach some east coast schools from the acc.. north versus south (and we get california).
  4. all your over 6'1 defensemen are belong to us.
  5. i'm fine with round one. even with the goalie pick. i love edvinson at 6 because we now have a top defensive pairing for the next decade. i liked cossa as a goalie over wellstedt because cossa is bigger and more athletic. he was one of the top goalies on the board and they got him. big, athleletic and mobile. trust the yzerplan.
  6. aatu raty and daiil chayka sitting there for you stevie!
  7. we know what you want!!!!
  8. double tp posts means double the HOT TAKES!!!
  9. btw, kenny holland trading down two spots means that wellstedt is going to be the second coming of terry sawchuck.
  10. there goes wellstedt. if we had to take a goalie, i'm glad they took cossa and not wellstedt.
  11. i really wanted svechkov. darnit. and chaz lucius.
  12. i think its good that theyve been trading all those picks. no one has been able to scout a lot of these guys, its not the year to have a million picks.
  13. at least the blackhawks are a joke again.
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