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  1. I just wanted to pass along my condolences to all of those whose lives were touched by Brian, even in the smallest way. As soon as I heard about what had happened at Virginia Tech, my first thought was to check here to see if Brian was ok. I'd been checking back throughout the day hoping to hear that he was fine. As I'm sure many of you felt, when I found out that he was a victim of this senseless act, I felt my heart in my stomach. I never met Brian, but we had a number of great conversations. I had the pleasure of butting heads with him with the rivalry of our two schools and also had the pleasure of talking Tigers baseball while I was also away at school. I've had a tremendous amount of respect for him, not only for the insight and intelligence he displayed, but also the quality of his character. He was a genuine person and the outpouring of emotion by those near and far from him is a reflection of that. Brian had alot to give this world whether it be through family, friends, or in his career as an engineer. My heart goes out to Brian's family and all of those who are feeling his loss. I hope that each and every person who knew him, talked to him, or has now come to know who he was and what he was giving to this world will carry on his spirit. Hokie, Hokie, Hi! V-P-I!
  2. Just because you 'smell a draft' doesn't make it any more likely to happen, or even mean that you have any clue of what you're talking about.
  3. KJ's got to get his Escalade with his 20s somewhere, might as well be the same place 'Melo got his Lamborghini.
  4. This isn't just BET, this will be on NBC during primetime. Every time it comes on I have laugh, it's so fantastic.
  5. This is a local commercial in D.C. Next time you need to buy a riiiiiiiide, do it here. LaVar Arrington sets a new record on the unintentional comedy scale. http://www.easterns.com/easterns/video/Jingle%201_lg.wmv
  6. Top speed will be 36 miles per second, or 129,600 miles per hour.
  7. Atlas V. Our spacecraft is riding a Delta and with the Boeing strike, and being pushed out of our launch window last August, we're waiting around for our own launch.
  8. 1 playoff win... I feel safe in my generalization.
  9. Mediocre? Mediocre is known as the height of the history of the Detroit Lions since '57. We yearn for mediocre.
  10. I wish I was. I wish I could stop caring about the Lions and move on. I really, really do, I'm sick of them ruining my Sundays. When they win, I'll watch the highlights all night long, when they lose, it ruins my friggin' day. I did enjoy having a rooting interest in a meaningful football game in January though.
  11. Nobody should ever be optimistic with the Lions, we should expect failure. They have done nothing since 1957 to suggest that any shred of optimism is warranted.
  12. I've never been able to see a launch in person, it's one of the things I want to see most. When we had two tries to launch GOES last August, I was stuck in the launch control room in Maryland rather than being at the Cape. Of course, it never went so it's not like I missed anything. New Horizons is really cool because they took a small spacecraft and put it on the biggest rocket they could find to cut down the travel time to Pluto. 9 hours to the moon is insane. That's an average speed from launch of 26,500 mph.
  13. That sounds like a man that just went out on two limbs, first with Grimm, then with Haslett, and was made to look like a fool. Rationalize why you were wrong John...
  14. Counting down... L-0 at 2pm. This thing will be hauling ***, it'll be passing the moon in just 9 hours.
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