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  1. Another one for Tork...Getting hot in AAA now. 2-3 with 2 bombs. He likes double headers I think.
  2. I can't watch this game with the way the home plate ump is calling balls and strikes...Manning can't pitch if the only call he gets is down the middle.
  3. Eric A Longenhagen 7:46 hearing they had deal i nplace with Jobe that they didn't want to break
  4. Wouldn;t surprise...try to be the smartest in the room
  5. calpon


    That's the way I went with it...will be there for Wednesday's game next week.
  6. calpon


    What site is the best place to get tickets to a game for an out of towner?
  7. 1st Tork bomb....Deep to centerfield...not a cheapie!
  8. Where'd did this Miggy return from?
  9. I think Miggy knows more about hitting then any coach can try to say to him....his problem is that his body isn't capable of doing what he wants it to do. The mind is there, but the body and eyes are not.
  10. Whatever the Tigers development people have done with his swing....it isn't working.
  11. Whitecaps are trying to emulate the big club...5 inning in and they have 11 Ks Lakeland in the 6th with 7 Ks Hens in the 6th with 6 Ks Erie has 7 Ks through 6
  12. I was 1 that was very anti-McClendon...after seeing the mess that the Tigers hitters are right now, I must say he might have been a genius after all.
  13. Typical Mize outing....no control...and pitches down the middle when he gets behind. He could only succeed against his own offense me thinks.
  14. Hopefully Topps uses this as an image for a Topps Now baseball card today.
  15. Care to expand? You being the in house scout....would certainly be helpful
  16. Probably overstating it a bit, but it leads to the same thing....not a quality MLB pitcher. Funkhouser just comes in and throws so many balls and it is unbearable to watch and Mize seems to be this way too. Am I missing something or does he have the ability to locate and command? I have watched him pitch at least 3 games in each of these formats...college, minors, Spring Training and MLB....and he has looked the same at each level. He has great movement and nice velocity, but he just cannot locate in the strike zone.(Movement does not seem to be as good this spring even) He depends on the batter getting themselves out by chasing out of the zone. If they don't, it seems the only pitch he can throw in the strike zone is a grooved pitch down the middle. Even in his no-hitter at Erie it was the same thing, but most of the hitters swung and missed out of the zone or were not good enough (minors for a reason) to hit the ball with enough authority for a base hit (I think there might have been a couple defensive gems by Erie in that game too). It may just be small sample size and I might have just seen him off in the games I watched. Even in the no hitter, I wondered why the other team was swinging at so many balls out of the zone (if you looked at the #'s, he had a great ratio I bet, but a good portion of the pitches were balls). In the big leagues, hitters aren't gonna fall for that too long. With all the video...they never did fall for it. So educate me....Broken or Funkhouser 2.0?
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