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  1. Another one for Tork...Getting hot in AAA now. 2-3 with 2 bombs. He likes double headers I think.
  2. I can't watch this game with the way the home plate ump is calling balls and strikes...Manning can't pitch if the only call he gets is down the middle.
  3. Eric A Longenhagen 7:46 hearing they had deal i nplace with Jobe that they didn't want to break
  4. Wouldn;t surprise...try to be the smartest in the room
  5. calpon


    That's the way I went with it...will be there for Wednesday's game next week.
  6. calpon


    What site is the best place to get tickets to a game for an out of towner?
  7. 1st Tork bomb....Deep to centerfield...not a cheapie!
  8. Where'd did this Miggy return from?
  9. I think Miggy knows more about hitting then any coach can try to say to him....his problem is that his body isn't capable of doing what he wants it to do. The mind is there, but the body and eyes are not.
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