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  1. absolutely one of the best drafts i've seen from this team in a long time. it might be because it was only five rounds, but it seems like it was more laser focused. torkelson was the best impact hitter that you could get in the first round. he will be a franchise building block for this team. dillinger in the 2nd round is also another building block. he is a player that needs reps but he is a good size catcher. cabrera was the steal of this draft for this team really fired up about that pick. cruz has the bloodlines and seems like a pretty good contact hitter. workman also looks like a reallly good value pick in that his rating on mlb.com and where he was drafted show we got talent. overall, tiger fans should be very happy with this collection of college bats.
  2. Tigers should get a decent package from Yankees for Fulmer. Yankees have the best sytem in MLB and they can get some close to ready major league players now. The package could be slightly better than what they got for Verlander. They should get Chance Adams...has the skills to be a #2 starter and is almost major league ready......Domingo Acevedo...has ability to stick as a solid starter or closer type arm in the bullpen as he throws heat made it to triple a last season.....Clint Frazier..this guy does have ability and he is the one the Yankees are most trying to move....& Billy McKinney..outfielder who just gets it done moving from level to level.good obp skills and some power...This package would be 4 for 1...not a perfect package by any means but enough to trade one guy for 4 effective players who are very close to being ready for the major leagues
  3. happy birthday from your friends at Farmer Peete!
  4. says he eats taco bell before every game the night before he pitches.....looking for an endorsement..think outside the bun
  5. whitaker and trammell deserve to be in the hall of fame. they were really good and consistent players for a long time and their numbers stack up to most players at the equivalent positions. the only way they will get in the hall will be through the vets committee and, sadly, it may be many until after the year 2020 before they get serious recognition at that!
  6. its a sad fact, but trammell will probably have to get in through the veterans comittee years down the road.
  7. laird has been arrested? for assault? if he actually did connect with someone i wonder if it qualifies as a pop up?
  8. where is the team now? it has much more flexiblity with an infusion of some younger players, no lefthanded "punch" as they have needed for five years (or more) and a team that is going to strike out a lot! based on the acquistions that have been made, here is my take! in regard to the roster as it stands: wells and jackson would start the year at triple a. its not going to hurt to give them more development time. it would be great to see the tigers sign podsednik as another outfielder as it would give them a somewhat legitiamite lead off hitter. until that happens, they will just work with what they have. i think thomas and ramirez hould be our two "back up" outfielders to start the season. if thomas cuts down his stroke a bit and tries to go the other way with pitches, he could become more of a solid gap to gap hitter. that would help his numbers. lineup vs. right handers cf thomas ss santiago rf orodonez 1b cabrera dh guillen lf raburn 3b inge c avila 2b sizemore here is the lineup vs. left handers cf raburn lf ramirez rf ordonez 1b cabrera dh guillen 3b inge c laird 2b sizemore ss everett i keep sizemore lower in order so the bottom third of lineup is not a black hole. thomas could be a decent lead off option if he shortens that stroke and santiago does do some of the little things you want out of a number 2 hitter. tigers have to have inge, orodnez and guillen have solid seasons or the hitting will be a disaster. using some of the other players on the roster on more of a "role playing" basis helps keep them fresh. in the starting pitching department, my front five are verlander, porcello, scherzer, bonderman and robertson. i'm guessing there done trying to sign a "closer," so the bullpen will be made up of internal candidates. i think we could go the way of the tampa bay rays and not necessarily have a "closer, " but a bullpen by committee approach until a pitcher steps up to take that role. the bullpen i think will start the season with will be zumaya, perry, miner, coke, seay, ni and galaragga. four right handers and three left handers is a solid mix for the bullpen. willis is not really an option at this point. no one knows what the health of zumaya will be (wait until spring training)so my best guess is that pitchers like schlerth, weindhardt, fien, figaro and other good young arms will be in toledo for more seasoning.
  9. tigers would be better off trying to let hollimon and dlugach compete in spring training with the "winner" splitting time with santiago at short. anything has to be an improvement offensivley over what everett gave the team. they should put whatever $ they still have open to the team into the bullpen and into possibly trying to find a left handed bat (of-1b) to platoon with raburn in left field.
  10. crawford for granderson is an intriguing idea, but i just don't see crawford signing here without getting a taste of free agency. so, it would basically end up being one year and out!
  11. so its 80 plate appearances left and 37 starts? well, know the incentive counter has huff to deal with. any way this has any impact on these figures--what do you think?
  12. so with this acquisition, what goes on with positioning and batting order? would it look like this..with a right handed pitcher on the mound versus the Tigers. cf Granderson,2b Polanco,dh Guillen, 1b Cabrera, lf Huff, 3b Inge, rf Thomas, c avila, ss santiago verus a left hander on the mound verusus the Tigers... cf Granderson, 2b Polanco, lf Thames, 1b Cabrera, dh guillen, rf ordonez, c laird, ss everett seems the lineups would have more balance and allow the team to have many counter points to corresponding bullpen moves late in games. it also would probably allow the tigers to keep the at bats by magglio under the vesting number in more of a quiet way.
  13. Its a solemn day if the Tigers lose. But, if your a real sports fan, you know all about John 3:16. We believe and the Tigers could always come back at the end of the game! What would Jesus do? Well, you have to hope he would root for the Tigers!
  14. is harold reynolds going to be in charge of the intern program?
  15. I saw on http://www.elismlbrumors.com that the D-Rays are looking to trade Edwin Jackson for a corner outfielder that has power. They mentioned Ryan Ludwick as a possible target. Well, would it not make sense to go after Marcus Thames? He seems to fit the bill and would rake in that park. Tigers could trade Marcus Thames and a low level prospect for this guy and it would help both teams. Get R Done
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