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  1. Judging by what the Rays are looking for in return for Crawford, they definitely will have no interest in getting any OF in return for Huff. Pitching is what they'll probably be searching for. Personally, I'd prefer they deal Miner as soon as possible, since I think it would be selling at the peak of his value. Maybe he could be a piece of a deal for Huff.
  2. Micro, while things are still relatively slow, has MWG received some guidance on the above issue? Has he been warned by MLB or some other publication? I do a fair share of web-posting, blogging, etc., and I'm always curious as to what the accepted guidelines are.
  3. 6.1 IP 2 ER 3 R 6 H 2 BB 7 K 1 HR Tigs win 5-4.
  4. Only 12 pitches for those six non-K'd hitters, huh? (And that's factoring in only three pitches for each strikeout.) I like the way you're thinking.
  5. You hear that? That's the sound of internal forum strife. Pitchers and catchers must be getting ready to report.
  6. I guess I had no idea until now that Spree went to high school in Michigan for any period of time. Cool site, thanks.
  7. And to add to the Pavano scenario, it has also been rumored that the Tigs and Sox are talking about Clement. Could this be floated to tip the Yanks, or is this DD moving on?
  8. damnit...my bad. Feel free to delete my duplicate thread.
  9. Thursday, December 08, 2005 Tigers draft pitcher in Rule V Draft In the annual Rule V draft held this afternoon, the Detroit Tigers selected pitcher Chris Booker, formerly of the Washington Nationals. For those not familiar with the rules of the Rule V Draft, as Baseball.com explains, the concept involves teams selecting players from the minor league systems of other teams. In the Rule 5 Draft, a staple of the Winter Meetings, players not protected on a team's 40-man roster can be purchased for $50,000. They must remain on their new team's 25-man roster for a full season or be offered back to the original team for half the cost. Who is Chris Booker? According to Baseball America, he went 8-4 for AAA Louisville last season while picking up 20 saves in 24 chances. He had a 2.49 ERA while striking out 91 and walking only 28 in 65 innings. The Tigers did not lose any of their players in the draft.
  10. http://www.mlive.com/weblogs/cutoffman/index.ssf?/mtlogs/mlive_cutoffman/archives/2005_12.html#098603
  11. I'm not worried about his OPS against lefties, since we apparently plan to employ 10% of all lefty starters in the league on our team.
  12. I wonder how much more the Tigs would have to pay for Millwood than the Mariners. Millwood is by no means an ace, but I'd rather have him for 4/44 than Pavano's remaining 3/30, and Millwood wouldn't cost any players.
  13. It's winter; I'll take any rumor or speculation we can get our hands on.
  14. Less attention should be paid to the exact age, more to the risk of signing a player with declining skills to an expensive multiyear deal.
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