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  1. That's something that Stan Lee would have come up with, if he could draw that well.
  2. It would be more logical to rule it as a pitch. The ball left your hand while you were on the rubber.
  3. This was an interesting game, it was there to be won, and it was the A-team bullpen all the way. It's like when you use the gas cans you hope to steal a win, knowing that it probably won't work, but when it does it's like Christmas morning. But when you go with the A bullpen all the way, that's how we know that wins matter and they won't be thrown away.
  4. Man, Tarik Skubal. Avila and his staff absolutely stole that guy. Just like Baddoo, probably the best player on the team after Schoop. I know, we're not supposed to give Avila any credit, ever. Haase and Grossman were great additions, and Jake Rogers is a starting MLB catcher. Good thing Hinch was around, masterminding all those moves.
  5. Tour de France is on the Champs Elysses now, for the insane final sprint 50 km from now
  6. His ceiling is Kevin Brown. Yeah right.
  7. His ceiling is Kevin Brown. Yeah right.
  8. Norris, Funkhouser and Soto did 4 innings on 43 pitches.
  9. Pretty interesting. He got his wish, was traded to the Phillies who used him about as much as the Tigers had, and he missed out on being an '84 Tiger. Of course without the trade, for Willie Hernandez, the '84 Tigers might not exist.
  10. The rationale about the 40 is a good one and will probably prevail. Just as a hypothetical counter argument though, consider this. I have commissioned you to select 2 players from the current 40, take them out behind the barn, and shoot them. You could find 2, couldn't you? You might be disappointed that you had to stop at 2. So, with all the uncertainty about future CBA's and service time and all, I wouldn't let the 40 man stop me from promoting Tork and Greene if I thought it was the best thing for their development. And if I thought I could sell some merchandise.
  11. It really was obvious, all the same opinions, same paragraph structure, everything identical. He was running both at the same time, wasn't he?
  12. TripleSe7en wasn't a bad guy at all. He was arrogant, but in an amusing way. He wasn't a total ***hole like sportzforlife.
  13. Rob Manning is such a ****, talking about banning the shift. "It would restore the game to the way we remember it". Never heard of Ted Williams or Willie McCovey I guess. Hey peckerhead if you want to get rid of the shift, go back to the 1980's ball.
  14. Yes, TripleSe7en noticed Dombrowski looking at him intently. Clearly he was a regular reader of this forum, and was impressed by the depth of 777's knowledge.
  15. OE% is getting to be so long ago that it is "lore" now, like Dombrowski recognizing you from your avatar.
  16. That's so true. I don't buy tickets, I don't buy merchandise, and I don't subscribe to mlb.com. So who gives a **** what I think?
  17. I don't think I've seen this before...using 7 pitchers, and every one of them gives up an earned run.
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