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  1. I'm considering a move to the Denver area in the spring and can't wait to catch a show there!
  2. That is an absurd post. The fascination with sports fans having to have pro athletes be "elevated" by some other great player is silly. And to blame said great player when they don't get better is equally silly. If only Stafford could impose his will on the GM to make them acquire better players, to make the refs call every play for them, etc. Stafford just doesn't have it I guess.
  3. Nah. He's a pretty good candidate to be a trade throw-in maybe.
  4. It was a legit line drive into the corner and mookie wasn't getting there. He stuck his glove out towards the ball but he wasn't getting there.
  5. Man, what do we even do with Kreidler? We have to sign a SS, and don't have a place to play him next year with Candy, FA, Schoop, Tork filling out the IF. He has to be traded, right? Do it before he shows he can't handle ML.
  6. IDK. I'm usually behind, having to stream. But it's on FOX here in SoCal. I'll make it a point to not post so quickly.
  7. Dude looks like Scott Mitchell so far. Hoping he's just nervous.
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