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  1. Well he's seeing the ball. Now time to hulk-smash a few.
  2. It's a shame BF3000 guy didn't pretend he was using his girlfriend's account.
  3. Tigers have the highest babip in the majors for May. Law of Averages at work. Their #10 team OPS for the month could be sustained a couple more weeks but they'll be back to a team that struggles to score, just not as bad as the last couple weeks of April.
  4. Yup. So many unknowns. Could swing 10 games on either side of 55 wins.
  5. Damn, here's the other one from the same judge. Pretty smart of that lady to pick up on that. Maybe this guy should have used that username.
  6. Anyone have a Ring alarm system? I've had one at my business for about a year now. For the last month or so, the alarm has been triggering about twice a week for no reason. It says "front door censor" but the door does not move even when it's windy. Luckily I have cameras so I can make sure nobody has broken in but it's pretty annoying.
  7. Twins down 9-3 in the 5th. We'll be tied with them in the win column.
  8. Kim Wexler takes too long between pitches. This inning has taken forever.
  9. I'm on board with using Fulmer in high leverage innings, wherever that happens to fall.
  10. I don't get to watch many games and tonight it kept annoying the **** out of me how Shep just kept saying "Castro" and not saying which one it was. Even the TV graphics only said "Castro" when each was at bat. Amateur hour at Bally Sports, I guess.
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