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  1. i grew up watching he game in the 70's. Today's defense is less physical in terms of someone actually getting punched in the mouth but the athletes are far better and the intensity is greater. You don't see nearly as many open looks as you did back then and you seldom see an "uncontested" shot at the rim. In 1975 Tayshaun Prince doesn't make the block on Miller because he wouldn't have crossed mid court. Abdul Rauf was a very talented guard in college...I would not put him in Curry's class as a pro
  2. McCann...McCann...he's our man...if he can't do it...any number of the dozens of other catchers in organized baseball can
  3. McCancel those World Series tickets if he's catching....
  4. Apparently, hitting isn't the only aspect of his life where a lack of selectivity haunts him. Ex-Twins player Delmon Young's Facebook hacked, alleges hookers and booze issues | City Pages
  5. Let's not forget Gose . He shook that little Latin hot dog by the nape of his neck. A surprisingly high character move for a lazy, casual black player. Yes...I'm being facetious.
  6. Pictures of Lilly was a pretty decent song by the Who....but they weren't Asian.
  7. well...Avi has a reputation for liking the pork
  8. I was at the last two games against the Jays...still have the ticket stub from the Sunday game. Possibly the most exhilarating weekend of baseball I've witnessed live. I was ambivalent about the Twins before that miserable end to a magical season. Now I hate them like the National Review hates Trump
  9. I can see there's no reasoning with you...when the shooting starts, I'll meet you at Antietam
  10. How is we play nine and bat eight simpler? That's arguably a bigger bastardization of the game than letting a professional stick hit for the professional arm. The majority of the south wanted to keep slavery...should they have picked too? I'm not willing to call for the use of violence to bring those NL rebels in line...but if I have to watch JV try to hit a pitch a few more times this year, I'll be tempted to take up arms. A civil war and baseball? Good luck keeping Ken Burns from making a documentary about this...
  11. We could accomplish the same thing with trapdoors and exploding bases....Screwing around with the simplest response to the widely held view that no one wants to see a pitcher hit isn't something I can get behind.
  12. I don't...my starter gets rocked for Six runs in an inning and a third...I want to yank him but if I do I'll either destroy my bullpen by PH for a RP in the middle of the order or I can concede defeat by letting a RP strike out in the middle of my order
  13. One year CBS had a 3-3 basketball tournament that ran concurrently with the NBA season. Each team had a current player, an retired player and a celebrity. The celebrity had to touch the ball each possession or it was a turn over. It...was....glorious.... DH in both leagues...the double switch isn't really that amazing of a strategic move. I think we'll survive without it
  14. Yes...his concussions gave area neurologists a ton of practical experience. Going to be hard to make that up.
  15. If Ilitch signs Davis when more useful...and cheaper...options like Cespedes and Fowler on the board. I will go back to college to get my PHD in Psych just so I can credibly recommend a 72 hour psych hold at a local hospital.
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