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  1. Both long range weather models are showing that Thursday is going to be very wet. However, it looks like that should be east of us in time for opening day. Here are 2 shots of the precipitation and temp models for Friday.
  2. honest? john's at 7 am, from there, who knows!
  3. Certainly worth a watch. In an interview with Jennifer Hammond from Fox 2, Granderson comments on the trade and reacts emotionally to the thought of seeing the game from the first base dugout. Granderson's Emotional Return I understand (and support) the baseball reasons, but he is a one-of-a-kind guy who's off-the-field shoes will be tough to fill.
  4. must have been a runner on third with less than 2 outs
  5. I expect that there will be a 2-hour rain delay that will cause the game to start at 3 PM. As usual, God will work things out for us down here on Earth.
  6. What a loss to the Detroit Sports Scene... while I hate basketball, I think that he maintained the best all-around sports operation in town. He put the right people in place, "fielded" a decent team, was constantly updating his venue and seemed to give the most to the fans.
  7. clear channel needs to be careful. Syndicated sports radio hasn't worked well in this town... by canning Stoney and Wojo, I am certain they will kill off WDFN altogether. Without Wojo, there is no reason to listen to that station. As far as Baligian and Shepard, good riddance. Shepard especially... no one cares about how good of a dad you are. All this being said, I really hope this isn't true. Its good to have options on the sports radio dial!
  8. There is a nice warehouse type facility located at 222 republic drive in Allen Park right off the Southfield Fwy. I see cars in the lot from time to time, but as far as I can tell, the group that occupies it hasn't produced anything in over a year. Seems like it could be a good location to make films... or watch tape. MAP
  9. I like the sam roberts one as well, although, I would usually take anything over Kid Rock. Although those guys are from montreal, they really portrayed the detroit that I know with the dive bars and the grime i saw in the video. The Jerry Cavanaugh stuff was a little forced, but in general, I liked it. The lyrics are pretty good too, they mention a lot of what i would call Detroit 201 level references. A couple examples (bold): I went walking at street level Feeling strange and disheveled Past the abattoir and the glory holes Like a film noire, in the starring role To the side streets, kept my nose clean Tasted beautiful, tasted obscene Singing, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh This is Detroit, see the skyline A commotion on the assembly line Raise a glass to the Ambassador As she's moving you to the dance floor Does anyone here tonight remember those times? Can anyone here tonight just tell me what they felt like? So many years, so many lives These are the streets where they collide From Jimmy Hoffa to Cadillac Some look ahead, I'm going back Cause I'm just looking for some sounds To ease the vice that squeezes us every day This was Motown, this was New France Where the Chippewa did the firedance I don't think the Chippewa tribe really ever inhabited detroit That was long ago This is here and now But the memory still remains somehow Singing, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh I can't tell you how this old story ends I can't touch you now, like they did back then Past the child's play with the jump rope Hear the gun play, it's a tightrope Does anyone here tonight remember those times? Can anyone here tonight just tell me what they felt like? Does anyone here tonight remember those times? Somebody call the riot police, there's trouble down on 12th Street
  10. YES!!! how could I ever forget. I must say, I think the Tigers did a far better job with the closing ceremonies at the corner.
  11. this closing ceremony is lacking a few things: 1. Ray Lane 2. Frank Beckman in a Limo with a police escort
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