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  1. Fun fact: Keith has been playing guitars tuned to open G with the low string missing for so long you could tell he was having to really think through playing in standard tuning.
  2. My first exposure to the song was via Uncle Ted and he played it with so much ballsiness that I still favor that but the song is so great sung by Van Morrison that I am calling it a tie between Ted and Van.
  3. It should be an easy change since that's what we call you behind the scenes 😎 Oh wait, that's Yoda. Carry on.
  4. Ha! I showed someone else that and they said the same thing. I get so many sticks in my backyard because it's all trees and I haven't had a fire yet this spring. It needs to happen.
  5. I have Ring cameras and I do find that I have to reset at least one every 12 months. Maybe a reboot?
  6. The wind was blowing the body side to side after the first coat. This is going to be gorgeous.
  7. Israeli Iron Dome in action yesterday during a missile attack from Gaza
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