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  1. I will say this, I wasn't interested in watching the new Spider-Man movies but after seeing the kid they got to play him in Civil War, I think he did a much better Peter Parker than Tobey Maguire. I'm going to watch those two movies in the next week.
  2. I haven't. Now I'm kind of curious to start in chronological order but that is quite the time investment. I may have to pursue that in winter. I did end up watching Civil War and that put a few puzzle pieces together.
  3. We really enjoyed Black Widow. My wife and I kept saying "well, there it is again" every time there was a posterior shot. Her little sister was awesome and the scene at the end of the credits leads me to believe we'll see more of her.
  4. A few not all. The "newest" Thor, GotG, one of the Captain America movies. Overall I'm not a huge fan of comic book movies but I do enjoy a good action film. I really enjoyed the whole Daredevil/Jessica Jones series.
  5. We're going to see Black Widow on Saturday. Is there any movie(s) we should watch in advance so we won't be lost or is it pretty easy to pick up?
  6. We visited in June and got to ride Flight of Passage twice before lunch. It is such a great ride.
  7. There was a gif going around of the costume reveal and as she walked by, everyone, including the women, immediately focused on her posterior. Yeah, the detail escaped her. Yeah.
  8. He created a couple very passive-aggressive gifs when he got mad at me. He subtly referenced my kids and other things so it seemed like a veiled threat. It was serial killer level creepy.
  9. The term refers to wine snobs who sniff the cork before consuming wine. Cork sniffers in this case are those who believe that the only good Gibsons were from 1954-1960. Maybe some 68s but that's it. And if a guitar isn't built to those specs then it's crap. They're gnashing their teeth because he played a R9 right after playing a 59 burst and the sound was nearly indistinguishable. 6k vs 420k. I've joked that in 1967 the Fender cork sniffers were complaining about the "new" teles because they weren't as good as the 54.
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