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  1. No (anti)love for Roger Cedeno or Neifi Perez?
  2. If MLB suspends Braun for 100 games I would say that torpedoes the rest of Milwaukee's season. If it's not dead already.
  3. The funny thing about 2003 is that there was actually quite a bit of talent on the roster. Sure, it was largely unrealized. Young wasn't a bad option at that point in his career, and you had 4 guys in Pena, Inge, Infante and Santiago who would continue to be serviceable major leaguers for quite a while. Pretty hard to cover the gaping hole that was the Paquette/Truby 'platoon' at 3rd, though. Same can't be said for the pitching, though. Bondo was the only arm worth anything out of the bunch.
  4. If Leyland were to depart after the series, would you consider him as a replacement?
  5. mmm, crow sure tastes good. I had completely written this team off after they got swept by Kansas City with two or three weeks to go. I thought there's no way they could make the post season, let alone get to the world series. It's almost embarrasing to admit that I was on board the fire dombrowski/leyland train earlier this year. Just goes to show, keep the faith, and good things will eventually come to fruit.
  6. I, for one, will never forget the brilliance of disguising Jose Valverde as Phil Coke. Since Valverde is clearly still the closer, and you know, clearly not benched for the duration of the post-season. I never would have guessed that the twitchy dominican could pass as a mulleted, mustashioed white guy from Stockton, CA. Touche, Mr. Leyland. Touche.
  7. ALWC Baltimore over Texas ALDS Detroit over Oakland 3-1 New York over Baltimore 3-2 ALCS Detroit over New York 4-2 NLWC Atlanta over St. Louis NLDS San Francisco over Cincinnatti 3-2 Washington over Atlanta 3-1 NLCS San Francisco over Washington 4-3 WS Detroit over San Francisco 4-2
  8. I'm still trying to figure out how on earth the Tigers are still in contention. When given the opportunity to take control of this division, they've crapped the bed every single time.
  9. I felt for a long time that Rodney would do well if he had a change in scenery from detroit. The guy definitely had a solid arm and some talent, but for whatever reason he couldn't consistently put it together while he was here.
  10. The vacating of wins is a pretty big deal. Penn State built their identity and legacy around Joe Paterno, and the NCAA essentially declared him Persona Non Grata. Penn State and Joe Paterno are virtually synonomous, and the NCAA is making a direct assault on his legacy. It is definitely a more symbolic move than the schollie losses and post-season ban, but it is no doubt a smack in the face to the average PSU fan.
  11. So how would you guys rate your level of worry at this point? If you had to tag a percentage, where would you be? 0% - Tigers are world series bound, nothing to worry about. 25% - Tigers will win the division, but won't have a deep run in the playoffs. Few things to be concerned about, blood pressure is slightly elevated, but still on track for a solid season. 50% - The division is in considerable doubt. Finger is inching over towards the panic button, and the safety cover has been flipped off. Still glad baseball is on, it's still fun, but wife and children are starting to give second thoughts to watching ballgames with you. No airborne TV remotes yet, but it's a matter of time. 75% - Tiger season is on life-support. Finger is hovering over the panic button, while the other hand is reaching into the cooler for another brew. When did watching baseball start to feel like work? Team is so frustrating to watch that not even the dog likes to be around you when the Tigers are on. 100% - stick a fork in 'em, they're cooked. Button pressed. Commence meltdown in 3...2...1...initiate!
  12. That's just the alchohol dulling the senses. Does the same thing to me.
  13. *slaps forehead* gah, total oversight on my part not to mention how great Dirks has been. He has made me look like a genius in my fantasy league!
  14. I think organizationally speaking, that DD and JL are two heads on the same monster. If one gets canned, then the other one should be gone too. Canning JL would have to come from Illitch, and such a move would be a clear vote of no confidence in DD.
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