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  1. It may be a "tv obvious" idea, but how it happens is not tv obvious IMO. I think most thought that Walter was going to die (he had cancer, and a lot of people wanting to kill him), but the intrigue was in how he was going to die, and if he was going to keep his fortune. I can't wait to see what happens to her. I don't want her to die, but I also don't want her to just disappear, unless they are going to do a Better Call Saul series/mini movie that comes after Walter's death, that may bring her back.
  2. I think I've said this before, but I really like Kim. I'm nervous that she is going to die in some way, and Jimmy is either going to blame himself or it will be his fault. That is the only thing I can think of as to why we never have seen her on BB. Although, Saul doesn't get a whole lot of screen time in BB to begin with, so you don't get to see any of his personal life outside of his dealings with Jesse and Walter. I think Kim is the Ying to Chuck's Yang in Jimmy's life. She treats Jimmy the way I wish Chuck would have treated Jimmy (aside from the sex part).
  3. I don't think sustained winning matters to fans as much as championships. I live in Atlanta and the Braves fans down here who are in their mid 30's and up don't necessarily look at the 11 year or so playoff run they had that started in the mid 90's with fondness. Don't get me wrong, they loved those players, but they felt like major underachievers for only getting one WS title in that period. It's almost like they are ashamed of it, even though they were winning so many games during that time period. It seems like many would have traded all those division championships for another World Series ring. Dombrowski may be losing his edge as a baseball guy (there has to be more to his firing than what they are sharing), but if he wanted to come back to Detroit, I would hope they would welcome him back...even if it meant swallowing Avila's contract. I'm not anti-Avila, but I feel Dombrowski is a sure thing in building a playoff contender. That's what I would like to see again.
  4. It's sad, but this season could be over before we are out of October. With the Chargers, Chiefs, Eagles, Packers, and Vikings in the next 5 games, I just don't see us winning many, if any, of those games. The sad part is that we have the Giants, Raiders, and Bucs in the middle end of the season. We could lose a bunch of games, and win enough games in the middle/end to keep us from getting a great draft pick. I'd love to be shocked these next few weeks, but after watching the Arizona game, I suspect we will likely be out of contention pretty quickly this year. ?
  5. Isn't this the same situation that Dave walked into in 2002 with his first stint with the Tigers? Maybe he should just does the same thing? ?‍♂️
  6. I'm not a young fan anymore (I grew up during the 1980's), but I've found many of the younger fans (those in their 30's and below to elementary aged kids) don't care about baseball unless the team is good. They will go to an occasional game during the season, but barely pay much attention to the team until later in the season if the team is contending for playoff spot. Basically, they don't care until the team is playing well. So, I don't think many of the younger fans care much. It's kind of sad from my perspective. I use to collect baseball cards, watch TWIBB Saturday mornings, and check the box score in the newspaper. Today, most kids I talk to (I'm around a lot of kids every week) can tell you a few players on the team, but they don't follow them very closely. They love to go to games, but parents just don't have the kind of money to take them to more than a few games a season. They will watch the playoffs, but don't really care until that time.
  7. That's the rub. Do you want a team that builds from the ground up, or do you want someone who hires mercenaries that will likely cost you 5-10 years of your minor league development, but give you an immediate shot at the World Series? I live near Atlanta now, and am simply amazed at how they've built the Braves through the minor leagues. They could easily be a playoff team for many years to come, and I think they stand a DARN good chance at winning a World Series this year. I'd love to have their system in Detroit right now. They are young, well developed and exciting to watch.
  8. I'm one of the rare people that think this game last week wasn't that big a deal. Army went 11-2 last year, and took Oklahoma to OT. Michigan made A LOT of mistakes, but this wasn't a push over team. This team could very easily be a top 25 team by seasons end. As a matter of fact, I would bet that they win 10-11 games again this year. It's a PERFECT week for a bye. They can regroup, and get ready for Wisconsin. The season really starts at Wisconsin in two weeks. We will know whether Michigan is a contender, or whether it will be another disappointing seasons under Harbaugh.
  9. I remember feeling like the election was over sometime in late summer. Most political commentators, celebrities, politicians, etc. were all joking about how Donald Trump would never be president. I thought he may make them sweat a little on election night, but not win it. It wasn't till late at night that I began thinking that he was actually going to win it.
  10. I agree. I've heard the statement that Bernie would have beaten Trump in 2016. It's really an apples and oranges comparison when comparing Bernie and Hillary. Everything from debates, to where to campaign, to ads, to etc. would have been different. It wouldn't have taken much for someone to beat Trump in 2016 (a few percentage points in a few states could have really shifted things), but it also wouldn't have taken but a few percentage points the other way in few states to turn it into an electoral landslide. I think the Democratic Party is to blame. They just didn't take Trump very seriously. They were reckless, and Trump was pretty darned focused (the dude did a TON of rallies in various states the last month of the campaign). He just outworked them IMO, and knew how to play the electoral college map to his advantage. Actually, Trumps team really deserves a large chunk of the credit for 2016.
  11. Ouch! I guess I didn't think of it that way. ?
  12. There was well deserved criticism of Dave from time to time, but the guy knew how to build a winner. Unfortunately, he often leaves the cupboard empty when he leaves town. Regardless, I would welcome him back to Detroit with open arms if he were at all interested. Even if we had to swallow a big chunk of Al's contract.
  13. In honor of the Tigers crossing 100 losses, and having the worst record in baseball...I starting thinking about when these type of seasons were pretty commonplace in Detroit. As much as I hate seeing the Tigers lose so much this season, we have had an AMAZING run since this thread was started a long time ago. We couldn't get a WS title, but we've seen some amazing players, watched a lot of playoff moments, and got to experience two world series over the past 15 years. Hopefully we can get another 10-15 year period of winning baseball started again soon.
  14. That's the problem with Chuck. When Jimmy was trying to do right, Chuck just assumed he was a screw up and never gave him any real help. When he got his law degree, Chuck was surprised and still held him back instead of mentoring him. It doesn't mean Jimmy wasn't headed to the dark side, but Chuck gave him plenty of reasons to go to the dark side IMO. He definitely made some poor choices, but it didn't help that his father was just a pushover and allowed himself to get ripped off. Chuck should have helped Jimmy, but instead tried to hurt him on so many occasions. Chuck's jealousy (when it came to his mother) showed a lot of why Chuck hated Jimmy imo.
  15. Let's be honest, Avila is a poor man's Dombrowski. Didn't he spend the majority of his management life under Dombrowski?
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