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  1. This is from 2015, but still the best statement on vaccinations I’ve seen.
  2. Like my grandpa used to say if you can’t do the time… https://www.adn.com/politics/alaska-legislature/2021/09/09/banned-from-alaska-airlines-state-sen-lora-reinbold-says-she-cant-work-at-capitol/?fbclid=IwAR1tkM0HjZivWqUR9m4bT4DRI0pla7TCvt79bobCd3W1RT5PGrsWoGdCZ68 Banned from Air Alaska for not following their mask rules,
  3. Wondering when Rep Perry stopped beating his wife and kids.
  4. Advance work for the upcoming Insurrection Pt 2 rally?
  5. Borrowing from Larry Sabato who borrowed from someone else…
  6. I would have thought Cepeda as a better comp to Cabrera, Maybe Frank Robinson. https://stathead.com/tiny/Bp1GZ https://stathead.com/tiny/aJ4zP
  7. Lee was a loser, and easily goaded into impetuous moves by competent generals like Grant. Even his generals were against the infamous “Pickett’s Charge” at Gettysburg. His successes came at the expense of incompetent and overly political Union generals. Grant had his number. Lee’s only redeeming feature was that he finally knew when to quit, unlike the Former Guy.
  8. I guess it’s one way to get Mexico to pay for the wall…
  9. I guess we can cross of Sam Howell from our QB wish list. Three interceptions against VaTech in UNC’s loss.
  10. Both John and Sam would have loved to have Boebert type “patriots” strung up. She’s a Benedict Arnold type of patriot
  11. Saxophonist Tim Reis toured with The Rolling Stones for 20 years and hung out a bit with Charlie Watts. Several years ago he recorded a couple albums called The Rolling Stones Project. Revisiting them today…. This is from another album,
  12. Those might work better than ivermectin. They’ll still give the trots though
  13. When you get your pharmaceuticals at Tractor Supply it’s meant for livestock. I haven’t seen any Ivermectin at my local CVS Or baby chicks either…
  14. Yorkies are meaner than pit bulls pound for pound
  15. I assumed it was the FTC investigation into why McDonalds MCFlurry machines are always down. That’s being highlighted by the WSJ.
  16. Call me crazy, but I would be in favor of an abortion law that penalizes the sperm carrier as well as the pregnant woman. For every woman who seeks an abortion the person who planted the seed has to have a vasectomy. If the father of the child is not known, then one random male between the ages of 16 and 65 gets a free vasectomy. Offspring of politicians are first in line.
  17. But remember, the former guy could do no wrong in their eyes. They only pick on Democrats, Trump’s kids got passes because of $$$$ for their campaigns, or fear of being primaried
  18. Not surprising, they are probably one of the larger (proportionally) group of entrepreneurs. I spent a bit of time at DTW’s cab desks and got to know several drivers. One of the questions I asked was about the number of large families that always tend to meet folks arriving on Royal Jordanian or Lufthansa. It’s part of their family values, they also have a job waiting when they arrive. Their own lending organization to help new arrivals get set up in business as well.
  19. Women (and the men that demand women terminate pregnancies) who can afford to travel to states or countries that allow abortions will continue to get one. Once again it only affects those who can least afford to do so. It’s just another step along the slippery slope to servitude. And it’s coming from the party that supposedly concerned about the unborn. Once the fetus is out of the womb, they don’t give a flying monkey.
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