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  1. Borrowed from the comments section in the Twitter tread
  2. The harmonica player on the Waters, Stones video is fantastic.
  3. Unscientific poll while waiting for my car to be serviced. 7 of us in the waiting area, three are unmasked. All appear to be over 70. Staff still masked.
  4. Minority Leader should say this under oath....
  5. Carrying a gun in public when it is not necessary for your safety is grotesque and inhuman, an attack on society itself. It feeds paranoia and fear. You are treating other humans like they are nothing like vessels and animals. It is disgraceful, arrogant, and offensive.
  6. Today’s GQP, forget ideas, change the rules
  7. This Wired article has been making the rounds the past couple of days. It explains the old cannon of five microns and the six foot distancing and where the experts were wrong. https://www.wired.com/story/the-teeny-tiny-scientific-screwup-that-helped-covid-kill/#intcid=_wired-category-right-rail_a22e72b1-b4f0-4e59-9bd8-9fd8cfaba611_popular4-1 The main premise of the article It goes on to explain how Marr tracked down origin of the theory and goes into how medical guidance is agreed upon, as well as the politics involved
  8. At least Biden isn’t so hopped up on Adderall that he’s constantly paranoid
  9. “Don’t think, it can only hurt the ball club” Crash Davis
  10. They have phone apps for everything else. I have a picture of my card on my phone. If I can go thru precheck at the airport by swiping my phone. CLEAR has my retina scan in their system, just add it t to that.
  11. Mark me down in favor of having to show some sort of verification of vaccination. If I have to prove my dog has all her shots to get into the local dog park (or have proof just in case the local sheriff stops by) then it shouldn’t hurt the average schmoe
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