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  1. Who did he recruit, minus Lewan, that you like? Patrick Omameh isn't bad -- he's a good B10 G, but the jury remains out on guys like Michael Schofield, Ricky Barnum, Elliot Mealer, and Rocko Khoury. I agree he didn't recruit any depth though. That sucks. That said, moving forward, I really like what we're bringing in recruiting wise, with more to follow.
  2. No. Like most other positions. That said, Lewan has a good chance to become something very special. I say "good chance" because last year, as a RS freshmen, he more than held his own against top B10 DL.
  3. Yeah, Taylor Lewan sucks. That said, I agree with the; doesn't seem like that great of a loss. This helps recruiting.
  4. Some think this could lead to UM bringing in a class of 27, as most assume this was unexpected. That said, another OL - to be six total - is crucial, and this might push UM to taking a 7th.
  5. I saw this, and was not happy with this ... hoping they can get something out of him -- looking grim. We needed him, for the defensive line to be a strong unit. All of this .. it's still a rebuilding process.
  6. So you're basically stating that no matter what, we can't discuss Michigan here without you slamming everything? We can't be optimistic about any player(s) getting better, cause you don't think they will. Oh, don't get me wrong .. you're going to give me another "huh?" with this too, but it's clear.
  7. The pre-season polls -- all of them, are based on potential for the upcoming season, but based off last season. It should be based on potential ... on what you project the team in question to be, but it doesn't. That said, Florida State is easily a top ten team. A bad example.
  8. Most rumors are saying it's Posada. Someone said he's able to read recruiting boards and depth charts.
  9. Your obsession of Michigan football baffles me. We'll see what happens when the season starts.
  10. U-M's stock rising with Madaris It looks as if Michigan is looking good with both 4* Jordan Payton and 4* Monty Madaris. Two stand out for Fox Chapel OL Also, it appears as if Michigan is not looking so good with 4* OL Adam Bisnowaty. With Joshua Garnett, Zach Banner and Jordan Diamond, I think this could easily be a mutual feeling.
  11. Because he's not an NFL QB, that's why. He'd be a great TE/WR, but you mentioned Stafford. Good for him. They're dumb enough to actually try and make him into a QB .. so he'll get a chance. He'll fail miserably ... but, hey ... he'll get a chance:)
  12. I think I'll feel more comfortable guessing each game, four games in, entering Big Ten play. I agree with 8 wins. Last year I guessed 7-5 -- and was right, so I can see a one game improvement. I don't see a one game improvement, when you bring back so many starters - the most in the Big Ten, as that much of a stretch.
  13. Time to panic .. no, not yet. Time to worry .. yes! Losing Mikel Leshoure for the entire season -- HURTS! We traded up to get this guy, we needed him.
  14. That's where I am, and I don't care how they get it ... too many games can go one way or another.
  15. He's not. He's horrible. He makes Tim Tebow's arm strength look as if it's an actual NFL QB. WR/TE .. that's what he is, and for that, I'd take a gamble late -- sure, but he's not a QB. Not as a QB.
  16. Former Michigan kicker Jeff DelVerne was at the scrimmage and tweeted these observations.
  17. NCAA College Football BCS Bowl Projections - Preseason - ESPN I hate everything about pre-season guessing, rankings, etc .. but here's the "projected" bowl matchups.
  18. Brandin Hawthorne happy to be back at linebacker. TheWolverine.com - Brandin Hawthorne happy to be back at linebacker
  19. Kevin Koger and Roy Roundtree were made available to the media post-scrimmage. Scout.com: Kevin Koger, Roy Roundtree talk receivers Kevin Koger Roy Roundtree
  20. We better win at least one more game. If we lose tonight, things could get interesting around here.
  21. I think we'll know more by the time the Big Ten season starts, with most teams.
  22. They'll be fine. I don't worry about areas that I know we'll be fine in. Another 4th and 1 .... GO FOR IT!
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