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  1. I'm okay with losing 3* guys that weren't going to play much in order to add more top guys in the '12 class. Jarrod Wilson said a few times that he wanted to enroll early, so we'll need a couple more to do so.
  2. 4* DT Danny O'Brien has scheduled his official visit to Michigan for the Notre Dame game. That game is only getting bigger, as there are 3/4 top kids who are planning their visit for the night game. EDIT: with the three departures this week, who knows how many recruits Michigan can take. If they can get a few early enrollees, they can take Barnett and Posada's spots from the last class.
  3. Ugh ... duh:) I am trying to make a few that are interactive.
  4. Wow, this one is shocking ... oh well, he wasn't going to play much this year. EDIT: they really need to get Ricardo Miller ready for next year, to take over for Koger.
  5. You see, this here .. this is not an opinion. It's fact!
  6. JonBenke


    I like Adrian Gonzalez way more than Jose Bautista for the MVP, if Verlander doesn't get it. What Red Sox team have you been watching? Adrian Gonzalez has been the only constant the entire season.
  7. Baby steps, and I think we all know this. A good, healthy season is key for him. If all he does this year is stay healthy and cut down on his walks, I'll take that .. and look forward to 2012.
  8. I am waiting .. if Dann O'Neil starts week one, that chip on his shoulder might just = UPSET
  9. Not sure what this means. Hey, I'm just glad you have this thread/forum to post your constant distaste for everything Michigan. EDIT: oh, and I am now working on my prediction post ... very detailed, cause details are where it's at.
  10. No problem. Hopefully the departures of Stokes/Posada means that UM can take another recruit or two. I'd love to have 5 or 6 more spots to fill, especially with as many kids interested as there are.
  11. Cool. Hey, let me thank you again for making a thread just so you can condescendingly make fun of UM. That Michigan State beating of Michigan was a shocker ... but such a good read, thanks.
  12. Your response to my calling your post condescending ... another condescending post. Nice.
  13. Your entire post is "flame bait" .. all the way to the condescending final sentence, wink at the end.
  14. bPqlnCV56yE& Dude, Brady looks lit up before you hit PLAY
  15. Posada is said to have been homesick, so maybe Hoke just wasn't giving off a strong family vibe? All jokes aside, I have heard nothing but great things about Hoke's family values, from players/recruits.
  16. No Access Pay to read more, but the guys over at bucknuts just named Michigan commit Chris Wormley, #1 in Ohio. EDIT: Kyle Kalis is #2;) 1. Chris Wormley 2. Kyle Kalis 12. Tom Strobel 14. Joe Bolden 22. Pharaoh Brown 26. Jarrod Wilson 29. Kaleb Ringer 36. Allen Gant 37. A.J. Williams 47. Caleb Stacey
  17. Fall Camp 2011: Presser Notes 8-23 Taken from mgoblog.com...
  18. What makes you think he can play QB in the National Football League? Is it his arm strength .. which is so bad, it makes Tim Tebow look like Tom Brady -- what?
  19. Back to football news -- yay! From Angelique Chengelis' Twitter feed: From Kyle Meinke's Twitter feed: From Nick Baumbardner's Twitter feed:
  20. From what I have gathered on the matter, people keep saying the coaches say they'll be fine. The better question here isn't the APR, it's if UM can now take 27 or even 28 recruits. EDIT: and I fully expect one of the RBs to leave ... once the depth charts are finalized. We'll see...
  21. Mgoblog's TomVH has left the site for a position with ESPN. He'll still cover Michigan recruiting. On the recruiting roundup, Sam Webb said Tony Posada's departure could open up another spot. I know Jarrod Wilson was talking about being an early enrollee, and he could take Posada's spot.
  22. I think we'll be okay, the coaches said they expected a few kids to leave before the season starts. EDIT: sounds like they'd need to leave while ineligible to play to take a toll at the APR.
  23. WR Je'Ron Stokes has left the program. He was a 4* that picked UM over Tennessee after Phil Fulmer was fired. I'm going to guess that RS freshmen Jerald Robinson passed him on the depth chart ... oh well. EDIT: and this is from Brian Cook, who was the most fearful of pushing kids out... The transition has started, and hopefully this class helps quicken the process. Oh, and here's another one of those stupid videos:) 58BCcb8-v9Q&
  24. I think Patrick Omameh is a good B10 G, but agree with all the other question marks. And like I was saying before; some of these question marks are going to end up with a positive outcome. I also wouldn't quickly praise RichRod for any player the new regime turns into something positive.
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