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  1. PRESENTED BY "SEPTEMBER HEISMAN" .. IN THEATRES OCT. 15th .. and so it begins .. 5wyQdZS0mPk 2011 CAPTAINS: DAVID MOLK, MIKE MARTIN, and KEVIN KOGER 18 returning starters, most in the BIG TEN .. and the best player in college football; Denard Robinson Your Two Deep, brought to you by mgoblog.com -- Your 2011 Two Deep | mgoblog AND .. FINALLY, THE CHICKEN TURTLE MAN'S PREDICTION ON THE GAME! MICHIGAN - 56, WESTERN MICHIGAN - 17 GO BLUE!
  2. Scout.com: Cass Tech-Harrison: Full Scouting Report
  3. That's all this is. It's a cute game, with a nice story leading up to it .... that's all. No one at Michigan or in that coaching staff is calling this a "statement game" ... lets keep that straight.
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    Wow, I so forgot about the captain of my own fantasy team - lol, nice call. I like more than Bautista too.
  5. Weaver's night .. 6 IP, 7 ER, 2 Ks .. 8 H, 4 BB -- wow! Oh, and I love how people only mention ERA when they talk about Weaver v Verlander .. it's comical. Seriously, forget the fact that Verlander leads the MAJORS in Ks, WHIP, and IP ........ along with wins. Oh, and his 3rd in that ERA conversation:)
  6. Cass Tech was defeated 43-7 at the hands of Farmington Hills Harrison. From what I have read, FHH were just leaps and bounds better than Cass. Burbridge wasn't covered much by T'Rich, though T'Rich did have a nice breakup in the end zone on 1-on-1 coverage ... the knock on Terry will always be his size/weight. RJC didn't have that good of a game either. Funchess and Ojemudia played very well, from all reports on the game.
  7. Was watching ESPN today, watching Joe Bolden's Cincinnati Colerein team beat 24th ranked, Cocoa FL. Bolden, in doing so, showed off his tackling skills, his leg, and a pretty nice arm. A very nice athlete.
  8. Rivals.com College Football - Buchanan: Ten most explosive players
  9. I understand, but it's turned into one of my favorite stories to tell, cause everyone down south brings it up.
  10. Best by position: Defense 247 breaks down position groups, having Michigan's OL already ranked #1, their DL #2, and their LB #2. They mentioned if Yuri Wright goes blue, their DB class could be in the conversation as well, with Auburn. Honestly, I don't care if we're one or two, to be debated on who has a better LB class - Michigan or Alabama, or who has a better DL class - Florida Stae or Michigan, those are debates that you want to be in. Here are Rivals.com rankings, by position .. Michigan looking good here, with more spots to fill. Yahoo Sports: Rivals.com 2012 Team Recruiting Rankings
  11. Forget it, I just deleted the graphics I spent two months working on ... this is just super!!
  12. Taken from http://mgoblog.com -- Fall Camp 2011: Presser Notes Greg Mattison Al Borges Ryan Van Bergen Taylor Lewan
  13. Yes, but he'll get a full year to bulk up in order to replace Koger .. no rush.
  14. I was at the game, and just talked to a few of my friends about going back ... it's funny, and worth mocking. Hey, maybe they'll pull a Central Michigan and beat us again .. who knows.
  15. I agree. Hopefully Ricardo Miller can put on some good weight between now and next season. Great point. Good to have this happen now, gives the coaches more time to get their recruiting numbers in check. Some have mentioned going after TE Ron Thompson, but I hope this means we take another OL and DT.
  16. They might be able to take 28, so not sure how that's a bad thing. Oh, and the attrition is nowhere near as bad as DickRod, who lost starters - Boren/Mallet. Not the same.
  17. No, he was first recruited by RR .. was recruited by Hoke after the change, signed/picked UM on signing day.
  18. Exactly. Koger is your starter this year, and hopefully Ricardo can put on the proper weight for next year. If this means we can take 28, backdate a couple in place of Posada and Barnett, this could be a good thing. If in the end, this means we can take 2 more top tier OL, like Zach Banner and Josh Garnett, I'll take that.
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