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  1. Man, should have been a flag on that shot in the end zone ... and the guy missed a FG! We need to take advantage of this.
  2. The first half in of the first game of the season .... yes, you're right. Lets see how this all finishes.
  3. Can we really say what is and what is not working after one drive from the offense and the defense? EDIT: lets just be happy we can finally stop talking about square pegs and round holes.
  4. Hey, maybe Nick Fairly was really that good ........ Lions fans can only hope!
  5. You got some bad information then. Not only is Mark Richt the only honest H.C. in the SEC, he seems to be the only one running a clean program.
  6. This has been asked and answered a hundred times. That said, he'd be stupid to pull a RichRod with Denard ... and I highly doubt he does.
  7. That's why pre-season rankings don't mean squat .... assume all you want, I'll watch the games.
  8. Ohio State Buckeyes suspend Jordan Hall, Corey Brown, Travis Howard for receiving impermissible benefits - ESPN Looks like the Buckeyes will be without a few players to start the season .. I mean, a few MORE players.
  9. Tom Strobel sought advice from Drew Brees before commiting to Michigan | MLive.com I can envision Joe Tiller - sitting there, reading this, shaking his fist up in the air - NOOOOOOO!!!
  10. I have been posting here since I first moved to Atlanta, God knows how long .. it's been a long time. I've never had much of a problem here, which includes the first two seasons of the DickRod era, though I have been almost completely booted from this site recently. Some have been in mere misunderstood jest, though some will disagree... Yes, my calling lesgoblu02 "a tool" was wrong, though he remains one of my favorite posters. It doesn't make it right - I know, though I never thought that was a serious insult. Now I know. You see, over the years, some of my favorite posters have been guys like Sportz, lesgoblu, LTA, and the great, mysterious, types with one hand .. cause the other is too busy patting himself on the back --- HONGBIT. It worked so well for so long, and the Michigan fans can't handle their team losing card .. seriously, I just don't buy it. It goes both ways. Everything here goes both ways. Now, of course, I think we needed separate recruiting threads .. that was something we should have always been doing, since there are too many players being recruited by both teams. That said, I think one of the many problems over the past year or so has been the goal of some - for some odd reason - to try and see how much they can upset me, and it's considered funny and cool. Seriously, how many lame graphic jokes can one person have? It was very late, and I had a very, very bad day. Was it really that big of a deal .. of course not, I know that. My actions were stupid - I admitted to that - get over it. But here's the thing, and let me be pretty straight here, there are people that have hurt this forum, but make no mistake about it .. it's not me. Sportz had his bad moments, but I liked the guy! I disagreed with most of what he posted, but it was all in good fun. I get into it with LTA and Hongbit all the time .. they get on my last nerve at times, though they're fun to have around. You see, what I have found is .. lately, is that I am basically just talking to myself in most of these threads. People claim to read the info I drop, but there's no real conversation going on. I don't come here to post stuff, to post graphics, to post links to this or that .. I come here, and have since day one, because I live in Atlanta, I don't like the local sports scene. I think this forum is different than any other forum on this site. It's special. Strip it down in order to make it fair, that's cool. Just don't kill it. It's not fair. Heck, if I have to go in order to get it back to where it was ... so be it. Honestly, I just don't want to keep talking to myself.
  11. Chicken Turtle Man disagrees. Honestly, I think the defense comes out and plays very well in week one. How so, and will that keep up .. will become the debate.
  12. And since when is making sense of these something we look for ... well played.
  13. I guess he'll get a better view of watching the Lions become one of the most feared teams in the NFL!
  14. Adolphus Washington and Dwayne Stanford schedule official visits | High School Sports Blog So you're saying there's a chance!?
  15. Craig Roh was one of many players that mentioned "wanting to transfer" because of a lack of coaching. Hoke then came, brought Mattison .. and hopefully it's not too late for a few of these guys to breakout. Defense is about getting players in a position to make plays. I think the new coaching staff will do just that.
  16. Michigan Wolverines | U-M's Brady Hoke: Fitz Toussaint could win start over Michael Shaw | The Detroit News
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