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  1. I wonder if Carder is stalling jawing after that play - KOVACS drills him, wow -- NICE DEFENSE!
  2. Yea, but you can't blame them .. did you see how hard it was raining .... sideways, for crying our loud.
  3. Refs must still be wearing their maize glasses, giving Western a huge advantage in postponing the game.
  4. Rain causes a quick out for the offense, but an actual good play there by the special teams -- hey.
  5. I am not a fan of ESPN ... especially right now!
  6. This is what me and my brother were just talking about .. no point in tipping your hand. Good point. Oh, and I think we need to march down the field here and score a TD.
  7. Good post. I loved the blitz, blitz, and blitz by Mattison on that last drive ... took this kid completely out of his comfort zone, which you have to do on defense. Demens needs to get a sack or two there though, but nicely called. On offense, I want to see more play action .. roll Denard out a little. Overall though, a nice first half. And yes, the special teams are still riding on that "special" short bus ... can only hope it gets better.
  8. I didn't like that. I think, with this offense, 40+ seconds is plenty of time to score .... oh well. This didn't help.
  9. This is plenty enough time to get something .... Denard needs to go for a homerun here.
  10. Defense looked very good there, three straight blitz ... Demens needs to get those sacks though!
  11. TD MICHIGAN ..... this thing is starting to take shape. Oh, and I love the possibilities of the broken play from off the play action.
  12. Better to be lucky than good! Signed, Auburn
  13. Play was scored by Herron, though it was the awesome pressure and tip by freshmen JAKE RYAN! Post your Sixteen Candles jokes .... here.
  14. The pick 6 sparks the defense, three and out ... and another almost pick - LOVE IT!
  15. Did they score a TD, what .. what happened?
  16. Haha, that makes me smile at least --- oh, and ESPN2's feed is GONE!
  17. I understand the - we don't want to show too much, but, man, this is a very vanilla game plan thus far.
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