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  1. I am officially taking a hiatus from the site, so I hope everyone enjoys the college football season!

    The Michigan forum is going to need someone to make the game threads, and I knew Deleterious mentioned wanting to take a break, after the long ... very long ... Detroit Pistons season, though he said he'd do it if someone else didn't want to. Anyway, it's been fun and entertaining over the years -- ever since I left and stayed down south, and I enjoyed posting back and forth with almost everyone here, especially guys like D'Train, lesgoblu, LTA, Hongbit, and the late Sportz .. who was so misunderstood, but .. hey, aren't we all:)

    EDIT: oh, and thanks to all the guys in the Tiger forum, you have made watching baseball so much more fun. The knowledge that forum has, hands down, is the best group of people to learn the game of baseball with.


  2. My opinion doesnt mstter, but the mich defense never looked good to me. As soon as a team learns to throw a slant pass, those maddeb style all out blitzes every down just arent going to work.

    Maybe you should worry more about your own team, and their own glaring problems.

  3. I don't see anything official, just comments that we're going to be here awhile.

    UPDATE - mgoblog.com is saying ticket-takers are telling people the game is canceled.

    Apparently there is an even bigger storm heading towards AA -- right now.

    SUPER UPDATE - lol - officials are telling the press box, THEY WILL PLAY!

  4. Possibly. But Western is trying to come from behind against a team with a suspect secondary, pouring ran is going to hurt their chances more than Michigan, which will just look to run out the clock.

    Yeah, but when the first delay resumed .. it was dry, which was a huge advantage they didn't take.

    And I think that's when the Michigan defense started to - gulp - take over the game?

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