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  1. I am officially taking a hiatus from the site, so I hope everyone enjoys the college football season! The Michigan forum is going to need someone to make the game threads, and I knew Deleterious mentioned wanting to take a break, after the long ... very long ... Detroit Pistons season, though he said he'd do it if someone else didn't want to. Anyway, it's been fun and entertaining over the years -- ever since I left and stayed down south, and I enjoyed posting back and forth with almost everyone here, especially guys like D'Train, lesgoblu, LTA, Hongbit, and the late Sportz .. who was so misunderstood, but .. hey, aren't we all:) EDIT: oh, and thanks to all the guys in the Tiger forum, you have made watching baseball so much more fun. The knowledge that forum has, hands down, is the best group of people to learn the game of baseball with. PEACE!
  2. What a nice guy this is ... seriously, can I de-commit right now and commit to Notre Dame?
  3. How can you not like this guy ...... GO BLUE!
  4. I'm not sure what this means, but okay .. not sure if that was in anyway "out of line" Oh, and it appears as if Mark Richt may be coaching his final year in Athens ... sad, if true.
  5. presented by "UNDER THE LIGHTS" .. may the rain stay far, far away AND DON'T FORGET .. JUST LAST YEAR, IN SOUTH BEND - THAT HAPPENED! .. hey, have I ever told you the joke about irish people .. AND .. FINALLY, THE CHICKEN TURTLE MAN'S PREDICTION ON THE GAME! MICHIGAN - 34, NOTRE DAME - 24 GO BLUE!
  6. From all reports .. he clearly enjoyed himself, which is a nice sign for the Wolverines:)
  7. Maybe you should worry more about your own team, and their own glaring problems.
  8. I think Verlander is good, unless they go into extra innings and Weaver pitches all 16 innings
  9. I think if Weaver gives up one more run, he could finish with a better ERA than Verlander.
  10. I'm not. We got enough work in to be prepared for Notre Dame, and our offense didn't show much at all. I am about to watch the game again, but I saw who I expected to see, from the two deep, to be happy.
  11. It's weird, for a split second, I so thought that was Ray Lewis. Nice game.
  12. For the record, when you add in inflation of probable plays/scores .... Chicken Turtle Man wins.
  13. I am getting conflicted reports, so I am done trying to find out ... I am now reading both ways on this.
  14. UPDATE - mgoblog.com is saying ticket-takers are telling people the game is canceled. Apparently there is an even bigger storm heading towards AA -- right now. SUPER UPDATE - lol - officials are telling the press box, THEY WILL PLAY!
  15. ESPN keeps making it sound like they'll play later .. today.
  16. Is there any substance behind this post? Is the game been called, what ... please, more information. ESPN UPDATE: they just said the game is being postponed, and will continue...
  17. I think it's been alright. Oh, and I don't think Ray Lewis is coming, though Brandon Herron is playing today
  18. This should help snub some of those thoughts that our recruiting will slow down once the season starts.
  19. Yeah, but when the first delay resumed .. it was dry, which was a huge advantage they didn't take. And I think that's when the Michigan defense started to - gulp - take over the game?
  20. I'd say the luck with the weather is pretty even. This defense is just blitzing like a damn banshee. Oh, unless you want to name this storm after either Kovacs or Herron ... or maybe Jake Ryan.
  21. Can we take this time to talk about how this team just looks so much different than the past few years?
  22. Looks like Chicken Turtle Man might get his wish!
  23. Brandon Herron is our TD machine, who needs Denard
  24. I just love the energy. That in itself is something we didn't see at all last year.
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