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  1. Let's be clear about the bolded...Wentz is not projected as a mid-rotation starter. That is widely considered his reasonable ceiling...a reasonable "projection" or projected role for him is more 5th starter.
  2. Haven't worked action shots in quite a while...Took a bit to get my timing back, but ended up getting my feel by halftime of my daughter's game.
  3. Lipcius is more potential utility player than starter.
  4. I went on a podcast rant years ago (probably 8-10 at this point) that some team would gain a substantial competitive advantage by investing a relatively small sum (on the order of millions) into player development in several areas....improving living conditions by providing non-dormitory style housing or stipends for housing on the economy, funding trainers for the players use during the off-season as well as access to those trainers' high-end facilities and equipment (vetted by the club and carrying out their strength/conditioning program), improving nutrition during the season by providing all meals or substantially increasing per diem to allow players to choose something better than Golden Corral (this one is huge given the foundation proper nutrition establishes for training and performance), and providing access to nutrition advice/programs during the off-season, and possibly even providing housing during the off-season at or near the team's spring training complex if the player desired, particularly if their hometown didn't have access to suitable facilities to support their training goals. I always recognized the negative incentive for owners to invest this way...they didn't want to rock the boat with other owners, but there's a substantial competitive advantage to be gained for 2-3 years if you plan it out and execute with the flip of a switch, before other teams can follow suit.
  5. That Erie roster is Riley Greene and a whole bunch of org guys and NPs.
  6. I don't disagree with the premise of the OP, but I don't think you've articulated it well in this instance. The Tigers draft philosophy has often been suspect, at best, and downright faulty at worst. Their player development strategies and processes have lagged behind the industry. I don't question any of that. That said, so much of the content of the OP actually constitutes Avila's (and the rest of the draft and development) teams' successes, not failures. If you're highlighting a big league player -- to any degree -- from the 5th, 10th, 17th round, etc., that's actually a successful pick. To highlight draft failures, you actually needed to discuss the litany of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round picks that did nothing above Double-A.
  7. Just a couple notes for you....Deatherage retired and Sodders is long gone.
  8. There are going to be some serious struggles at times this year, but if there weren't we'd be talking about a generational player capable of jumping from A-ball to the big leagues. In terms of talent, there's potential for a solid regular that adds value across the board. The defensive profile will work anywhere in the outfield. Offensively, he's definitely grown since I last saw him several years ago. It's pretty subbing the growth you can see in him having missed so much time the last two years. If things continue to progress, he realistically could hang tough this year and then continue to stick next year in the big leagues.
  9. It's a butterfly pullup...typically used when your workout stimulus is targeting a fast-paced workout and you don't want the gymnastics portion to slow you down.
  10. For me, Paredes has a two major problems in his profile. 1 - I've identified this one in the past, but his contact is rarely loud...he's not a guy that drives the ball all over the yard. I've always felt the power projections tossed around for him were too lofty. With the slide down the defensive spectrum, that lack of power becomes more glaring. Maybe it's still in the tank, but it's not like he's a physical freak or has freakish bat speed that you expect it to come...he sort of is what he is in the power department. 2 - This isn't totally unrelated to the above, but for his offensive profile to work at the MLB level (good approach, high contact rate, mediocre power, no speed) he basically had to maintain every skill he has at the same level he's displayed it in the Minor Leagues. That's a really difficult thing for any player to pull off! If his approach tapers some against better pitching, his offensive profile tanks. If his contact rates taper, his profile is in trouble. If the power doesn't manifest at an average level or better, he's screwed. There's a really, really narrow path to Paredes becoming an everyday player. I've said this before, but he's a player that can easily just get passed by....everything has to go right for him to stick on an MLB roster for a long time. I get that I'm in the minority on this player, but I've also been saying the same thing for 2-3 years and there's been nothing in his development that's caused me to move off that position.
  11. He also signed for $750k out of high school in 2016.
  12. I generally agree. I believe they made the right pick on draft day.
  13. There are two that I know for a fact would not have selected him 1-1.
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