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  1. I can't see Houston or Navilhon being protected. You don't protect every hard thrower, particularly when they project as org arms. De La Rosa is not a viable protection candidate either, in my opinion. The other guys have an argument, but even then I'm not sure you really protect Shore or DeJesus, but I won't be surprised if they do.
  2. Its an org profile. If he catches the right timing, he could get MLB starts or a middle relief role for a small stretch, but he'll largely be minor league innings until he decides to hang it up.
  3. Agreed on both...there's leeway to be given but also some discouragement at lack of progress on the pitch recognition front throughout the year. In addition, as a general rule with prospects, if a negative trait is a continuation of issues that were identified as part of their amateur profile, I'm even less inclined to believe positive change is on the horizon. For Kreidler, recognition of spin/soft and swing and miss were issues during his time at UCLA.
  4. Sure, players can compensate in different ways -- sometimes. In Kreidler's case, however, he's already short to the ball with a snappy, wrist-heavy swing. There's not much of an avenue for that to change/improve more to compensate for lack of pitch recognition. That's where the trouble projecting his offensive profile (and overall profile, really) hits a snag. I don't see a path to him appreciably altering his time in the batter's box to make meaningful changes to his offensive profile.
  5. My issue with Kreidler's bat isn't so much his hands or his swing mechanics. They both work well enough (I can quibble with his barrel control a bit, but that's relatively minor in the grand scheme of his offensive profile). My issue comes back to his pitch recognition. I've yet to see him consistently identify spin/soft and react appropriately to it, and that's a considerable red flag when you're looking for him to substantially cut his strikeout rate. Sure, in some instances pitch recognition can be improved with reps, but that's also a bit of fool's gold when it comes to expected developmental outcomes....generally speaking, if you're going to see any substantive growth in pitch recognition, it comes earlier in a player's developmental profile, not later. For a college player a couple years removed from the draft, that's relatively late to see marked improvement in pitch recognition. It could happen, but I wouldn't really put good odds on it....that's really what holds me back from an everyday projection for him and keeps him squarely in the utility realm.
  6. Fans are almost always overly optimistic with prospects and their promotion timelines. It's the nature of fandom.
  7. The idea that top prospects jump straight from AA to MLB is a bit of a dated concept. It doesn't really happen consistently in practice any longer. More often than not, when players are really called up (not just a spot start or something like that) they've played at AAA for a stretch. I can't necessarily explain the shift in thinking, but that larger jump is no longer really something considered by teams. In short, I think fans should expect both Greene and Torkelson to spend time in Toledo, whether this year or next. Without looking at the standings, I would expect the Tigers will factor playoff implications for Erie and Toledo into their promotion plans for both players. They've historically placed value on experience in a winning environment in the minors, and I wouldn't expect that to change with these two players. Not to mention the box office ramifications for the team in the playoff hunt, something the Tigers have at least acknowledged and marginally considered with some of their affiliates in the past, and may consider a touch more this year given the missed year of ticket sales due to COVID.
  8. Kreidler should be a solid utility player once all is said and done. He is not a viable prospect as an everyday player.
  9. Building off your premise....Years ago I had a lengthy conversation with some front office friends about the concept of a "defensive slump." Guys slump at the plate or on the mound all the time, but it's never discussed that a guy is just in a funk in the field and will find his level again. Instead the discussion shifts rapidly to whether or not the player should move off the position in favor of a better option. In the end, we all agreed the idea had merit, but also all agreed it would never catch on in casual discourse for whatever reason.
  10. The difference between #35 and #96 is negligible.
  11. My favorite was the 50+ point win against the Celtics at the Garden...Darko played the bulk of the second half and it was legit insulting to my Boston friends that were at that game with me.
  12. He'd have zero leverage if he went back, and given how little attention is paid nationally to college baseball, I doubt his endorsements approach $800k. Him not signing would have to either be injury related or some other serious extenuating circumstance. He's signing, be patient.
  13. It would be pretty surprising if he didn't sign. The Tigers knew his number when they drafted him... In those rounds, every team knows the number when they draft them; that's the area scout's job. It'll get done.
  14. Just doing their diligence and coverinf their bases in case something completely strange happens to Cade before the draft.
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