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  1. That is how long I have been married as of today.
  2. The thing is, Spongebob is a great show regardless of your age. However, having kids makes you able to watch it without people raising an eyebrow. That is maybe the greatest thing about having kids. And the love and affection or whatever, blah, blah blah.
  3. My advice is to not stress out too much and enjoy it. It is such a huge adjustment and it can reallly throw you off. It's especially hard on your wife because birth is a huge process that leaves them drained. Despite that you ahve to tell yourself to slow down, take it all in, and enjoy it. We did that much more with our second and I wish we had done it with our first. Also, take the initiative with your wife man. Volunteer to take the baby, clean etc. It'll make everything smoother. And remember. If they only hear grown up music then that's all they know and you never have to hear Barney. I am so much happier having my daughter ask for Across the Yniverse or Float On (Modest Mouse) than Barney. It'll save your sanity.
  4. Channel 4 in fact, had Gradnerson talking about Brian. Cool stuff.
  5. I'd probably do that. In all honesty I miss this place.
  6. I know Buddha. Man. Since I am sure my reprieve will be up in a little while, I just want to tie up the loose ends I didn't get to tie up before I was released. So here goes: My opinions on music, movies and TV are right and everyone else's are wrong. Whew, I'm glad I got it out.
  7. In case anyone didn't see it, John Sickels himself posted a tribute to Brian...
  8. I was given a temporary reprieve so I could post about Brian. I appreciate the opportunity to do it. I thank MWG for it because I really wanted to. I just wanted to tell everyone to keep up the good work. I still read the board daily and it's still the best discussion on the 'net. What a great board. Also, we're gonna have our third kid end of december/beginning of january. It was a total surprise. Keep up the good work everyone.
  9. It's funny, because once I heard about the shootings I thought "I should logon to AIM tonight and ask estrepe about it. It was probably a crazy day." I never, ever thought he'd be one of those murdered. Tiger337 Im'd me and said that they were trying to see if he was online. Even then I was thinking "I'm sure he's got bigger things to worry about." You just never think you will know someone associated with one of the nation's biggest tragedies.
  10. Like ltw, I knew Brian since the EPSN board. He was a great contributer then and continued on this board. We used to IM. He was real sweet guy who took things seriousley and genuinely cared about other people and doing the right thing. About a week ago we found out my wife was pregnant again. It was a huge surprise to both of us. That night, he IM'd me. I told him and I told him that I was freaked out about it. He told me that there was nothing to worry about. Then he said "you're a good guy. I know we don't "know" each other. But I know you enough through Im to know that. You have nothing to worry about." That wasn't the last time I talked to him, but it was one of the last. And it exemplified what was great about him. He was serious, hard-working and determined. But he wasn't afraid to show emotion or say something to make you feel better. His comment did that for me. He was also about to embark on what was a promising career. In fact, he just told me on Friday that he got an apartment and he was going to start a good-paying job in July. Here was this great guy who had so much hope and promise. And it was taken from him in an instant. Sad doesn't begin to describe a tenth of it. A good, good person was killed on Monday.
  11. Chasfh mentioned Shannon Stewart. I might try him out.
  12. That is how the movie and his show is. He was on Conan as his character and he was great. the past two things though, not so much.
  13. Well if the new rules call for a designated pinch hitter then I say we let this Gates Brown fella give it the old go-a-rooni!
  14. That might be true. However, I also think this team got to the post season more by some guys overachieving during certain months than anything. I think when Shelton was done overachieveing, then Granderson did. Then someone else did. I do not think this same team has this level of success next year. I want 4 new players. I bet we get two.
  15. I said the tone of your post was condescending. You called me an idiot. Good job on taking the high ground.
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