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  1. Yeah, the defense came up with a good stop on third down.
  2. Other than the Kevin Strong backfield tackle, the defense has looked bad so far against both the run and pass.
  3. Passing game looked pretty good that drive. Amon-Ra looks like a stud receiver. New Golden Tate.
  4. That holding penalty against Ragnow was weak sauce.
  5. Pistons defense looks terrible overall. Too many guys driving into the paint and scoring with ease time and again.
  6. Ditto at my university. However, they are planning on holding classes at full capacity, i.e. no social distancing, which I don't understand. More of a financial decision than a health/science-based one, I believe. They don't want to kill student enrollment. I just don't know how effective masks will be if students are sitting right next to each other.
  7. Outside of Cade and Bey, there doesn't seem to be much scoring talent on this summer roster. Who is Cade supposed to pass it to?
  8. When are we going to hear about why exactly the security at the Capitol was so bad, including why it appeared that officers opened the door and opened the security gates to the protestors, and why the security was so lax in the first place? Who made these decisions and why?
  9. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/sweden-s-king-says-we-have-failed-over-covid-19-n1251670
  10. From what I understand, the racial disparities (Blacks and Latinos/Hispanics) are mainly due to two factors: underlying health conditions and work/living conditions. The comorbidities are due in part to socioeconomic factors such as a history of lack of access to healthcare and healthy food and lifelong stresses from discrimination. Infections are also more common among people who cannot work from home, must use public transportation, and/or who live in more crowded dwellings.
  11. Does anyone know how someone can find out when/how they will be able to receive a vaccination? Is it employer-based? My mom is 68 and works at an assisted-living facility. She has asked her manager but her manager seems fairly clueless so far and does not have any sense of urgency about vaccinations. Some of her colleagues at her workplace don't even believe in masks, despite the fact that they are taking care of elderly, vulnerable patients.
  12. Virtually every single professor (with a doctoral degree) at every university I've attended or taught at goes by Dr. __________. This is such a non-issue raised by people who don't seem to know much about academia.
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