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  1. 1920's 170 is a mountain man. Like 220 today.
  2. Bloops, blips and dribblers. Amazing things can happen when the bat makes contact with the ball.
  3. Yes. When I was a kid and the sight of a bunch of old men standing in a circle is etched in my brain.
  4. The owners have to start caring enough or at least appear to.
  5. ..as if throwing that word around like nothing wouldn't offend anyone. Broadcasting 101..should know better.
  6. Right when I think they will break out and have a hot streak.. Oof, an inning like that last one.
  7. Just dropped in to see the score. Wait Miggy made contact!. You have to make contact to hit in a DP. Thats encouraging.
  8. I think the first 2.. I'll give them 3 seasons get a pass but starting before last season.. and the whole Covid thing disrupted that a lot should have started to get some results for rebuilding. I mean, at least 2 or 4 youngsters that we can see playing for a contender down the road. Mize has been a bit of a dissapointment but still incomplete. How can they be at seemingly ground zero 5 years from the start of the fire sale/salary purge.
  9. Congrats for Urena first off. Great game. Onto the Tigers post game.. How can C-Mo get so much mileage out of a single is beyond me but he did go on for a few minutes to "highlight" the Tiger's game. Yeah, a whole buildup of pitches and at bats to highlight a Candy single just about sums up this season.
  10. This team will go on at least one really hot streak where they'll hit a little. They cannot be this bad all year... can they.
  11. Remember when Gonzales signed with the Tigers. He didnt want to be here and was asked if he's buying a home close to Detroit. Gonzo said " no home.. apartment.. yes". In other words, you can get high priced free agents but will have to overpay because no one wants to come here besides for the money.
  12. The Tigers will not dip into any big money free agents until Migggy's contract is up. Still, it would be nice to get some 8 - 12 mil players instead of 1 - 2 mil or in the case of Nunez the minimum.
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