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  1. ...but that was a really bad decision by Groosman
  2. His all time numbers are going to be close to Rafael Palmeiro. Has there been a more forgotten great hitter. For a lefty and roid era guy of course.
  3. Sometimes you have to wait til August til he shows up.
  4. Also they have a thing about their division foes.
  5. We could see Miggy turn in a close Ichiro Suzuki imitation for the rest of the year. Singles to all fields on the way to 3000.
  6. That's where I was coming from as well. It's not so much what he said was so heinous as to warrant termination but do you really want someone to stay around that says something so out of the reality of being funny or witty but just plain dumb. It would have been unfunny and dumb 25 years ago.
  7. Miggy is hitting like 5 years earlier. Really is in control of what he wants to do and doing it. Like that 3000 will happen this year after all.
  8. Tigers have been terrible at small ball tonight. A lot of early base runners, only to die out there because of not advancing. And they have to be good at that because they never hit home runs here.
  9. Wheather the Cole, Liriano era Pirates or no name rebuilt era staffs, the Tigers always have trouble scoring runs in this ball park.
  10. Everyone is laughing at that single down the line by Cabrera that didnt score the pitcher but you have to score there if you're a major legue player.
  11. That was a strange swing for a homer by Badoo. We'll take it though.
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